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Every summer, the NASFT (the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade) moves into the mini-municipality of the Javits Center and takes over. The Fancy Food Show is like the Mall of America for foodies, with five city blocks full of stalls, samples, hand outs and gimmicks. The entire point of the convention is

for manufacturers, large and small, to get their product into the hands of retailers, restaurateurs and folks like us—the press. As you can imagine, with big-money deals being brokered, orders flying around, and checks being signed, the press is…
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Here’s the Beef (and Not Much Else)
At Austin’s, steaks and burgers are in “rare” form.
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Get your shake on at Burgers, Shakes & Fries with a house-made salted caramel shake whizzed up with butter, whole vanilla pods, sugar, and salt. It’s a serious dose of summer.
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Wining and Dining and Bet You Havent Eaten Here
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Dorna Naseri
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IMAGE: Yorktown Stage
IMAGE: Yorktown Stage

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