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Top Doctors 2012: Dr. Victoria Cirillo-Hyland


Photo by Jared CastaldiSeeing a dermatologist regularly isn’t just about keeping your skin clear and the wrinkles at bay. Medical and surgical specialists like Dr. Victoria Cirillo-Hyland also treat more ominous conditions.

Lupus is more common in women, possibly due to female hormones and genetic predisposition. Often misunderstood, lupus compromises the body’s immune system, causing it to attack tissues in various parts of the body. “Early diagnosis and treatment with a dermatologist and rheumatologist is recommended to manage the disease properly,” says Cirillo-Hyland, works out of the Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute, Main Line Health Center and her own Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa. “If you have lupus, you must minimize your exposure to the sun with protective clothing and broad-spectrum sunscreens.”

And, as far as Cirillo-Hyland is concerned, that last piece of advice applies everyone. “Your skin never forgets your past—what happens in your skin stays in your skin,” she says. “Wear sunscreen daily.”

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