Where Did You Hang Out in High School?

Murray’s, Hymies, Smokey Joe’s and Suburban Square top the list.

“My best friend, Josh, and I spent a great deal of time consuming corned-beef specials at Murray’s and milkshakes at Hymie’s. I worked at Baskin-Robbins (in Ardmore) from 10th to 12th grades, so there were a lot of shenanigans there during off-peak hours.” Jake Tapper, Jack Barrack (Akiba) Hebrew Academy, ’87

“Smokey Joe’s.” — Connie Ann Phillips, Agnes Irwin School, ’83

“The Deli Garden in Suburban Square. The cheese fries were the best! And Pappagallo for shopping, especially for new Bermuda bag covers.” Susan L. Jurevics, Merion Mercy Academy, ’85

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“Pica’s on West Chester Pike.” Holly Love, Upper Darby High School, ’81 

“Friendly’s.” Sandra Jerich, Conestoga High School, ’84 

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