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When to Take Junior to the Dentist?



60 minutes of brisk exercise daily.

Mental health:

Autism spectrum disorders can be present in kids as young as 18 months. Screenings should occur at checkups. Early-intervention services are offered in Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties.


Ages 1-3: 1 cup fruit, cup vegetables, 2-3 oz. grains, 1â€2 oz. protein and 2 cups dairy daily. 

Ages 4-12: 1â€ups fruit, 1-1â€ups vegetables, 4-6 oz. grains, 3-5 oz. protein and 2-3 cups dairy daily.

Oral care:  

A child’s first dentist visit should be six months after the first tooth appears, or no later than the first birthday. Teeth should be brushed twice daily with fluoride toothpaste.


Ages 1-4: 12-14 hours nightly.

Ages 5-10: 10-11 hours nightly.Vision: 

An infant’s first exam should be at 6-12 months. At ages 3 and 5, children should have thorough eye exams. Beginning at age 6, exams should increase to every two years—more frequently if problems exist.

Major concerns for kids: asthma and allergies  

Treatments are available for children of all ages. “[Asthma and allergies] are among the most chronic diseases in children, but still very undiagnosed,” says Dr. George Martin, chief of allergy and immunology at Lankenau Medical Center, whose private practice has offices in Wynnewood and Upper Darby. “Rarely do children get seasonal allergies before age 3. But they can be allergic to perennial exposures like dust mites, mold, cats and dogs.”