What’s in the Box?

Yellow+Blue Wines

Listen up, wine snobs: Before you turn up your nose at another trendy, eco-friendly product—in this case, wine in a box—note the facts. Yellow+Blue doesn’t come in just any box. We’re talking Tetra Pak here, the type of packaging used for organic milk, soups and juice boxes. So what’s meant to be fresh stays fresh, including wine. With 75 percent of their paper harvested from responsibly managed forests, Tetra Paks are far lighter and not as bulky as bottles, requiring less fuel to transport. That makes the wine less expensive to ship—and buy. And a Tetra Pak holds two more glasses of wine than a bottle does. The buzz is favorable in terms of both taste and value ($10 for a 1-liter box). But while Chester County and startup wine importer J. Soif, Inc. (owned by Matthew Cain) brought this product to our attention, Yellow+Blue currently isn’t available in Pennsylvania. I have yet to sample the 2007 Malbec and 2008 Torrontes, both produced in Argentina. But you can buy them at NKS Distributors in New Castle, Del. (399 Churchmans Road, 302-322-1811, nksbeveragegroup.com). Or visit ybwines.com.

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