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Top Holistic Healers on the Main Line 2019



Our region has no shortage of alternative medical practitioners. These local names earned the most votes in our first-ever online poll.

Acupuncture: Megan Conover

Chronic pain, hormone imbalances, insomnia and infertility are a few of the conditions Megan Conover treats with acupuncture. And though needles are her game, she also deploys cupping, gua sha and other Asian practices.

860 E. Swedesford Road, Wayne, (484) 367-5077, www.healingplaceacupuncture.com.

Ayurveda: Mary Rider

Ether, air, fire, water and earth are the five elements that compose Ayurveda’s doshas. Dosha imbalances can lead to digestive disorders, anxiety and hormonal problems. Mary Rider rectifies these with therapeutic oils, medicinal herbs, dietary changes and contemplative practices.

108 Garrett Ave., Bryn Mawr, (410) 598-8804, www.soma-ayurveda.org.

Biofeedback: Christina Herring, MD

Dr. Christina Herring incorporates biofeedback into her treatment for patients with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Her peak-performance program maximizes cognitive brain functioning in CEOs, students, athletes and artists.

Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine, 789 E. Lancaster Ave., Suite 230, Villanova, (610) 616-2500, www.zabreckyinstitute.com.

CBD Expert: Amie Hamel

Cannabidiol—better known as CBD—is believed to have potent anti-inflammatory properties that soothe arthritis, back pain, muscle strain, insomnia and anxiety. Amie Hamel advises clients on which capsule, tincture, ointment, oil or edible will best suite their needs.

Pure 4 Life, 351 E. Conestoga Road, Wayne, (484) 580-6943, pure4life.co.

Chiropractic: Paul Quinn

To correct posture, neuropathy, TMJ, concussions and disc issues, Paul Quinn uses chiropractic adjustments and technologies like BioDensity and diowave lasers.

Wellness Quest Chiropractic, 970 Pulaski Drive, King of Prussia, (610) 640-9355, www.wellnessquestchiropractic.com.

Herbal Medicine: Lei Duan

Through Chinese herbs, Lei Duan relieves back and neck pain, balances hormones, eases insomnia, promotes fertility, and increases blood flow and chi energy through the body and to specific organs.

Village Wellness, 6 Waterloo Ave., Berwyn, (610) 203-3747, www.villagewellness.net.

Therapeutic Massage: Nancy Dugan

Nancy Dugan uses therapeutic massage to relieve fibromyalgia, TMJ, myofascial pain and soft- tissue strains.

Kang Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Clinic, 250 W. Lancaster Ave., Suite 150, Paoli, (610) 296-8833, www.kangacupuncture.com.

Micronutrient Therapy: Georgia Tetlow, MD

Integrative medicine specialist Dr. Georgia Tetlow’s holistic approach includes micronutrient therapy and a host of other practices to treat autoimmune diseases, infertility, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and other ailments.

Philadelphia Integrative Medicine, 200 Eagle Road, Suite 208, Wayne, (888) 702-7974, www.philly-im.com.

Naturopath: Lynn Feinman

Believing that food is medicine, Lynn Feinman uses unprocessed proteins, fruits, vegetables and herbal supplements to ease the symptoms of menopause, correct digestive disorders and improve clients’ overall health.

53 Darby Road, Suite C, Paoli, (610) 608-1430, naturalhealthoptions.us.

Nutritionist: Natalie Loschiavo

Quantity, quality and frequency are components of the healthy- eating plans that Natalie Loschiavo creates for people suffering from obesity, Type 2 diabetes and digestive disorders.

Balanced Nutrition and Yoga, 5048 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square; 225. S. Church St., West Chester; (610) 715-4685, www.balancednutritionllc.com