Things We Like

Mama Mia Cucina
By Cynthia Goch
(Word Association Publishers, 165 pages)

In this ode to her Italian heritage, Downingtown’s Cynthia Goch intertwines homespun recipes with history and helpful hints for a cookbook that details a way of life that’s always seen food as a means of connecting with others. Whether it’s gnocchi or homemade bread, the recipes are not at all daunting. Many originate from Goch’s great-grandmother, who was a cook in Terni, Italy. A must for anyone who enjoys traditional Italian-style cuisine—and who doesn’t?

Both Sides Live
Photo by Luigi CiuffetelliThe Hooters (Hooters Music)
For Hooters fans, Both Sides Live is a keeper—more than 120 minutes of music over two CDs, including two versions of classics like “Day by Day” and “All You Zombies.” The first disc features giddy highlights from the group’s November 2007 shows at the Electric Factory. Recorded last year at Hooter Rob Hyman’s Elm Street Studios, the second is the most revelatory of the pair. Its intimate acoustic format strips away the electrified trappings, exposing the truth about the Main Line’s most beloved band—that they really do have exceptional songs.

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be at
Home in the World

By Homa Sabet Tavangar
(Random House, 267 pages)

This insightful and ambitious book by Main Line author Homa Tavangar is a spot-on primer for raising open-minded, globally conscious kids. Its pages are brimming with the sort of fresh ideas you might just kick yourself for not coming up with on your own—whether it’s introducing a staple from another country into the family’s dinner routine or integrating phrases from various foreign languages into daily discussions at home.

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