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Are you unhappy, stressed or depressed at home? At Work? At School? Do you find yourself yet again in another relationship doomed for failure? Is Intimacy or trust lacking in your relationship? I am an experienced and compassionate therapist who helps individuals, couples and families achieve favorable outcomes in different areas of their lives. I am available to clients outside of the office for questions, support and help. I am also available for office or home visits. I work successfully with clients who feel they are not reaching their full potential, but have become motivated to do so.

I ask constructive questions, provide supportive non-judgmental feedback and insight, and help you add meaning and vitality to your life. I believe in your personal happiness, which leads to a better life and relationship. My personalized care will give you new strength and awareness that you haven’t felt in a while.

Please contact me, we will work together to achieve a common goal—To make your life better.

Matthew W. Gelber MS

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