The Best TV Weatherperson 2013: NBC 10's Sheena Parveen

The Best TV Weatherperson on the Main Line & Western Suburbs in 2013.

We recently chatted with NBC 10’s Sheena Parveen about her readers win for Best TV Weatherperson, viewers’ fascination with snow and her “addicting” new hobby.

MLT: Congratulations on your win. Have you ever enjoyed similar recognition anywhere else?
SP: No, they didn’t have anything like this in the other markets I’ve been in. This is a really great thing.  

MLT: You came to NBC 10 less than two years ago, yet it seems like you’ve always been here. What’s your take on the Main Line?
SP: When I first came to the area, I lived on the Main Line, very close to the station. So I would always be somewhere on the Main Line—like shopping on Suburban Square. Recently, I went to the Saint James in Ardmore, and I loved it there. I also really like Mikado for sushi.

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MLT: Now that you’re living in Philadelphia, what are your go-to spots? 
SP: Since I love sushi, I always go to Raw. La Colombe is the only coffee I can drink black, because it’s so good.

MLT: La Colombe founder Todd Carmichael is a Main Liner.
SP: We’d love for him to open a La Colombe right by our station. He’d get plenty of business.

MLT: Any other places in Center City that you recommend?
SP: Parc is my favorite spot for brunch. There are a lot of places I want to try, but I haven’t had the chance yet.

MLT: That darn job gets in the way. 
SP: Yes. [Laughs] I recently started taking golf lessons at Plymouth Country Club, and I’m really enjoying them. It’s almost addicting.

MLT: After spending most of your life in Florida, do you miss it?
SP: I needed a change of pace, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come here. Florida is very laid-back, and things move slower there. There’s a vibe with Philadelphia that I really like a lot.

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MLT: And now you have more weather to report.
SP: As far as forecasting goes, it’s definitely not boring. The trickiest part is the snow forecasting. We haven’t had to deal with one large snowstorm since I’ve been here. The first winter I was here, it was so mild we didn’t have snow.

MLT: Do you find Philadelphians’ reaction to snow amusing?
SP: Even when there’s the smallest chance of just one inch, everyone wants to know when it’s going to fall and where’s it going to fall. I get it, though. 

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