Steve Gillin, Matt Gillin and Paul Raden

(From left) Relay’s Steve Gillin, Matt Gillin and Paul Raden//Photo by Tessa Marie Images.

Steve Gillin, Matt Gillin and Paul Raden
Cofounders, Relay Network

Matt Gillin was on Conshohocken’s Fayette Street Bridge when he became a multimillionaire. At the time, he was the CEO of Ecount, which created technology that powers prepaid plastic gift and debit cards. He started the business in 1995 in his parents’ Bryn Mawr basement.

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Ten years later, Ecount’s clients included Toyota, Sprint, Ford and other Fortune 500 companies. By 2007, Gillin and Ecount cofounder Paul Raden were ready to see if a bank would buy the company. Citi made an offer: $200 million. Gillin was notified as he drove over the aforementioned bridge. “I turned off the radio and drove home with the windows open,” says Gillin. “I walked in the door, and my wife Lisa said, ‘How was your day?’ I said, ‘Pretty f—ing good.’”

Raden and Gillin could’ve done a lot of things with the money. They chose to create another company. In 2010, Gillin, Raden and Gillin’s brother, Steve, launched Relay, a technological platform for companies to communicate directly and safely with customers. 

But aren’t others doing the same thing? “Competition isn’t necessarily another company, but another solution that feels similar to the customer that works faster and better,” Gillin says. “We make our technology better by failing quickly, learning, adapting and moving forward—advancing the ball.” 


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