Room Revival

Transform your master bathroom from “blah” to spa.

Seeking expert advice in home staging and “price-conscious” design, my clients often ask me how they can get the look they want in their home without spending a fortune. Even though people are cutting back on what they’re spending these days, they still want their homes to look great. One issue that clients face is how to get a more up-to-date look in their bathrooms without doing a complete remodel. Here are some budget-friendly tips that will help you give your bathroom a mini-makeover without breaking the bank:

A bathroom in need of home staging1. Home stager Kate Hart used a MirrorMate frame to help revive the space.Reframe your existing plate-glass mirror: One of my favorite new products on the market is MirrorMate, a custom-made frame that adheres to a plate-glass mirror in merely minutes. It comes in a variety of styles and colors.

2. Update light fixtures: Did you know that most homeowners update their homes every 15-25 years? Chances are, your home still has the original builder’s grade sconces in the bathroom. To give your bathroom a more “on-trend” look, add new sconces above the vanity. Visit a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot for fixtures that look like those you see in Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. My favorite styles are simple chrome or brushed-nickel bath bars, for which you can purchase inexpensive glass shades.

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3. Swap out your faucets: You may be yearning for a porcelain pedestal sink, but if you’re on a budget, you can makeover the vanity you have now with new faucets. Trade in your tarnished brass faucets for new chrome or brushed nickel, and your old vanity will look better instantly.

4. Top off your vanity: Removing a vanity can be costly. Not only do you have to install a new sink, but often times, the floor has to be removed, as well. A quick and affordable solution is to keep the vanity base you have and add a new top. There are many cultured marble tops that are inexpensive, look great and can be placed on top of your existing vanity.

5. Replace the pink potty:
If you live in a Main Line home that was built in the 1960s-70s, chances are you’re blessed with one of these beauties. Colorful tile can actually be quite chic in a vintage-bathroom sort of way, but the colorful commode always seems to stand in the way. Replace your pink (or turquoise, or harvest gold) potty with a new white model, and your bathroom will look years younger.

6. Add a new shower door: Nothing makes a bathroom feel older than a rusted, soap-film-covered shower door. If your existing shower is in great shape, remove the door and add a clear, glass shower door. An even less expensive alternative is a white waffle-weave shower curtain, which will create a crisp spa-like look.

7. Re-glaze your tile: If old tile has got you down and you don’t have the budget to add Carrera marble, consider re-glazing your existing tile to give it a fresh, new look. Search locally for tile and tub re-glazers, and make sure you ask to see photos of their work.

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