Q&A: Keith Jones

The executive director of Lower Merion Conservancy tells us his pet peeve, favorite mantra and more.

Keith Jones, 40, Wyndmoor
Executive director, Lower Merion Conservancy

» Book on his nightstand: The Econosphere by Craig Thomas. He suggests that we should look at our economy the same way we look at our natural environment.

» iPod artist on repeat: Michael Feinstein’s Pure Gershwin.

» Restaurant of the hour: My wife and I just moved here from Maryland with two small children so, somewhere in the not-too-distant future, we’re hoping to go out to eat. We’re looking for a good sushi place for a date night.

» Personal hero: My mom, who really did a great job raising six kids on her own after my dad passed away. It’s definitely given me a new perspective on parenthood.

» One thing he knows for sure: If we don’t continue to preserve our natural environment, it’s soon to be lost forever.

» Very own vici: By no means have I conquered them, but my sons, Parker and Mason, are my biggest accomplishments.

» Zen destination: Rolling Hill Park, an amazingly beautiful 103-acre park right in the center of Lower Merion.

» If he had an extra hour each day, he would: Play the piano.

» Life view: chance or fate? I would say neither and go with “choice.” It’s what brought me back to Pennsylvania, and I’m happy to live, work and raise a family here.

» Pet peeve: Littering—especially when someone’s a few feet away from a trash can.

» Most marked characteristic: Optimism. I try to see the good in every situation.

» Quality he admires most in others: Generosity, especially here with the conservancy. It is what it is because of the thousands of supporters who value our work and give generously to preserve our environment.

» Mantra: Think globally, act locally.

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