Power Women: Danielle Gray

Twenty-one of the Main Line’s most successful and influential women share their secrets to success.

Photo by Jared CastaldiAfter a surfing mishap, Danielle Gray began to experience intense neck pain, headaches, and numbness and tingling on the left side of her body. “I spent two years getting MRIs and CAT scans,” she says. “I was told by doctors that I’d have to live with the pain. They said nothing was wrong with me.”

A doctor friend suggested a chiropractor. In her early 30s at the time, Gray initially balked—but she was desperate enough to eventually give it a try. After two weeks of treatment, her symptoms were gone. It was enough to convince Gray to leave her job as a software consultant and become a chiropractor. “I was fascinated by it,” she says.

She now runs her own practice, Restore Chiropractic, in Wayne. “If you look at the cause of the pain, it’s usually that your nervous system isn’t functioning properly,” she says. “The goal is to remove the interference from the nervous system, which is typically caused by a misalignment.”

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Gray does her share of community outreach, offering free posture and alignment assessments. She’d also like to work with schools to screen children. “Kids are constantly hunched over, playing videogames,” she says. “Your posture and your health are hugely connected. The younger you learn that, the better off you’ll be.”

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