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Power Women 2013: Patty Hasson


Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley’s name isn’t the only thing that’s evolved since Patty Hasson came aboard 15 years ago as its president and executive director. While she did oversee the nonprofit’s challenging brand-identity shift to become Clarifi, Hasson has been at the helm as the organization has grown from 38 employees to more than 90 and extended its geographical reach. “We work with individuals and families, and try to help them to navigate a complex financial world,” says the Havertown resident of Clarifi. “There are so many marketing ploys tugging at people. We help them feel more secure in their finances.”

And the rocky economy has certainly contributed to increased demand for Clarifi’s services. Meanwhile, Hasson has assisted in the formation of programs directed at female clients, including a series of workshops dubbed “Financially Hers.” “It takes women through the basics of their finances, from budgeting to saving,” she says. “It’s a way to keep women engaged and to keep thinking further about their finances.”

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