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Power Women 2013: Christine Pooler


As it happens, when Christine Pooler was offered the position of general manager at Merion Golf Club, the Main Line institution signed the contract to host the U.S. Open the same day. Now, four months  later, the Open has come and gone, along with 190,000 golf fans—and Pooler is still reeling over one of the highlights of her 18-year career thus far.

Though some might have been intimidated by the enormity of the preparation that goes into an event like the U.S. Open, Pooler exhibited exceptional leadership skills. “I knew from the very beginning it was preparing and making sure communication was key, that committees were formed, and that they had what they needed,” says Merion’s first female GM, who lives in Broomall. “My first responsibility was to the club and our membership. That was priority.”

While Pooler credits the overall success of the Open to the United States Golf Association and her team at Merion, she can’t deny the importance of her role. “Everything went through me,” she says. “Whether it was club issues that needed to be handled or USGA issues that needed to be addressed, it came through my office—I would facilitate the solution. We had a well-executed plan that was delivered flawlessly.”

After overseeing the biggest sporting event our region may ever host, Pooler is confident she can handle whatever comes her way. “I do think I could take on anything,” she says. “As long as you have a thorough, thoughtful plan, I believe anyone could do anything.” 

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