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One With the Earth


“Organic” is more commonplace in today’s food lexicon than it ever was. The next trend in wine goes one step further. Biodynamics sounds like some crazy new science. In fact, it’s an all-encompassing philosophy that takes a holistic approach to grape growing and wine making.

Like their organic cousins, biodynamic grapes are grown without pesticides, fertilizers or bioengineered seeds. But biodynamic practices take into account more than just harmful chemicals. The farm is seen as its own living system—one that links elements of mysticism and spirituality to harvesting with the phases of the moon, specially preparing the soil at different times of the year to enhance its overall quality, composting and crop rotation.

So what does biodynamic wine taste like? Well, earthy. Biodynamics takes a “less is more” approach to the actual wine-making process, so what you taste is pure authenticity—clean and delicious. Here’s one to put on your list: Bonny Doon 2009 Ca’ del Solo Albariño from California ($18 by special order at Ardmore Wine and Spirits). The color of straw, with the lightest green tint, it has the flavors of citrus, herbs, almond and ginger.

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