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» Mission possible: I’m not a fan of reality television, nor am I familiar with the premise of The Mole, but I am a fan of local musician Alex “Rockwell” Jacobs (check out I last saw him perform with Cornbread back in 2003 at a local barn party in Malvern, and he made a lasting impression. So when the e-mail arrived from Alex’s mom, Charity Ball maven Alix Jacobs, saying that June 2 was the night, I tuned in to watch her son attempt to leap off a raft to grab a bag of money hanging above just before he plummeted over a waterfall. After the feat culminated in his tethered flight over said waterfall, Alex was pegged as the mole because other competitors felt he didn’t really try to snatch the money. Time will tell.

» Tony alert: We’re pulling for Bryn Mawr’s Christopher Fitzgerald, who was nominated for a Tony Award for his role as hunchback assistant Igor in the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. Who knows? By the time you read this, he may have already won.

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