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Michelle Bogosian Shares Her Excitement


Michelle Bogosian is passionate about Bryn Mawr Day, which is why she continues to spearhead the event as chairperson for her third year. “We are extremely gratified to create an event that invigorates the spirit of Bryn Mawr. Last year we had thousands of people stopping by throughout the five-hour event. This year we expect even more,” says Bogosian.

Bryn Mawr Day, with its mosaic of events, activities, entertainment and talent plus diverse attractions, has something for every member of the family. It also features businesses and an array of restaurants providing an ideal opportunity for the entire community to get to know each other. Bryn Mawr residents can get to know new and expanded businesses and services and organizational leaders can learn more about what residents need and want in local services. Bryn Mawr Day is such an important conduit in bridging the historical and contemporary. It brings people together in so many ways.

Bryn Mawr Day, held the weekend after Labor Day, serves as a kick-off for one of the most active seasons of the year. It is the Main Line’s number one free family fun day, and serves and a great opportunity to rekindle community and family involvement.

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