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Lucinda Duncalfe


Lucinda  Duncalfe
President and CEO,

Destiny Software. TurnTide. Cuts.com. ClickEquations. Real Food Works. 

Lucinda Duncalfe was the founder and/or CEO of all the above. Quite simply, she’s a serial entrepreneur who specializes in technology. “It’s fast and moves quickly,” says Duncalfe. “I drive a fast car. I ski. I like speed.”

Duncalfe’s current company moves at the speed of the Internet. Monetate creates software and coordinates marketing services for Best Buy, QVC, Urban Outfitters, Sports Authority and PETCO. While those are large companies, start-ups are Duncalfe’s sweet spot. “I’m looking for early-stage opportunities in large markets,” she says. “The key is to find big problems and unique solutions for them. Everybody may be working on the same problem, but by the time competition comes along, you should be on to the next thing.”

Still, working with start-ups involves risk. “I disagree,” she says. “I don’t think entrepreneurs are risk takers. What we are is unemotional about risk. We’re not afraid of the thing that might not happen. Inside risk lies opportunity.” 

Visit www.monetate.com.

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