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Jennifer A. Brandt


Divorce, Main Line-style, is Jennifer Brandt’s specialty. “Often, the more assets that are at stake, the more contentious the dealings are,” she says. “But I’ve had cases where people don’t have a lot of assets and the divorce is still hard to resolve. If people want to battle, they will.”

Avoiding those battles is another of Brandt’s strengths. She’s a top negotiator of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. “I’ve had a number of them go right up to the wedding date,” says Brandt who lives in Lower Merion Township. “That is high drama—and that’s not in anyone’s best interest.”

Postnups can be done at any point in a marriage. “Say one spouse finds that the other is cheating, but isn’t sure that he or she wants a divorce,” Brandt says. “But there is a lack of trust. If we can do a division of assets in a post-nup, the couple can then focus on repairing the relationship. It levels the playing field and takes away any financial leverage someone might have.”

Commenting on these issues is what has made Brandt a media darling. She’s appeared on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC and MSNBC, as well as Philadelphia-area news programs. The hottest topic right now: gay marriage. “We haven’t seen gay couples divorcing yet,” Brandt says. “But I am doing pre-nups for same-sex couples. I think that’s a good thing.”

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