In the Drink

Featuring the Philly spirits ROOT and SNAP.

We’re not sure what we like more: the actual product, or Art in the Age’s mission statement, which includes a priceless comment about “simultaneously” stretching the “artistic and scientific boundaries of alcohol production and consumption.” The Philly-based distilling company has its hands in a variety of artistic endeavors. It’s also behind ROOT, an organic, birch-beer-inspired liquor, and SNAP, based on a Pennsylvania Dutch blackstrap molasses gingersnap recipe and made with cloves, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, rooibos tea and vanilla. We’re partial to the latter—an innovative concoction with an earthy flavor that’s also a little sweet, spicy (from the ginger) and buttery. Think of it as a liquid gingersnap. The brown-sugar-and-molasses fragrance will have you swooning. If you love bourbon, then you’ll love a bourbon-snap cocktail on the rocks.

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