How to Appreciate Race Strategy

Take a spin around the course—in the opposite direction.

One of the best ways for a spectator to appreciate the race strategy as it unfolds is to walk the route in the opposite direction of the race while occasionally stopping at key turns and straight-a-ways. 

Because bicycle racing is a team sport, pay particular attention to how individual teams work together for the benefit of their top riders. Also note how a rider, when separated from his/her team, will form an alliance with an individual from another team or a group of riders in order to work together for a better placement whether it be to bridge a gap, get back to the peloton or join a breakaway. Of course, these alliances are temporary because once the time is right to make a move, it’s a matter of team effort or every rider for himself. 

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Just make sure to find a good spot at the finish line as the race approaches its conclusion. You wouldn’t want to miss the excitement of all-out sprinting, which climaxes a criterium and determines the top-placing riders.

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