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Health Care Heroes: Dr. Kurt Muetterties and Dr. Chad Brecher


Dr. Kurt Muetterties and Dr. Chad Brecher

Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake, Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Taylor Hospital, Springfield Hospital

Practicing interventional radiology at Crozer-Keystone Health System’s high-tech medical centers is one thing. Doing it in remote jungle villages is quite another.
Drs. Kurt Muetterties and Chad Brecher participate in volunteer medical missions to the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico. “In one village, we set up in a giant church, and there was a huge line reaching through the building and down the street,” says Muetterties. “Everyone waited patiently—sometimes all day—just to get a few minutes with a doctor.” 

Muetterties and Brecher often see 150 patients per week during their trips, often combating venous reflux, a disease in which leg veins become dilated, causing discomfort and swelling. Left untreated, venous reflux can lead to amputation. 

Muetterties recalls a Honduran man who had severe venous reflux in both legs. He was disabled to the point that he couldn’t play with his kids, let alone work.
Using donated supplies and equipment, Muetterties treated him for two years. “The third year, he told me that he was so much better that he’d started riding a bike for exercise,” says Muetterties. “He liked it so much that he started a business around it— a bicycle cab service in the tourist part of town.”

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