Eyesight and Middle Age

Diabetes can impair vision.


30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.


7-9 hours nightly.

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Major concern for adults 20-65: the eyes

At about age 40, vision begins to change. The eyes’ elasticity starts to increase, and other problems can emerge. “Annual vision exams become important so we can detect the early signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachment,” says Dr. Bari Brandt of Negrey Eye Associates, which has offices in Havertown and Media. “Pay attention to
genetics,” she says. “If you have a family history, make sure to tell your doctor. There are a lot of new treatments.” Diabetes can also impair vision, especially as patients get older. Brandt recommends that diabetics have their vision checked every six months.

Preventative Screenings

Diabetes: Tests every three years, beginning at age 45, unless family history dictates earlier intervention.

Glaucoma: One test before age 40, then every two to four years between 40 and 65.

High blood pressure: Men from age 35 and women from age 45 should be screened and treated.

Breast cancer:  Mammograms every one to two years for women 40 and older.

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Colorectal cancer:  Beginning at age 50, a colonoscopy every 10 years or a flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years.

Cervical cancer:  Women 21-29 need a Pap test every three years. Women 30-65 should have a Pap test, plus an HPV test, every five years.

Prostate cancer: At 45, men with a family history should talk to their doctors about risk levels and evaluate testing options. At 50, all men should talk to their doctors.

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