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Eligibility Requirements


After six-plus years with Main Line Today, I finally got my first crack at our annual singles feature. I’d already been privy to the ins and outs of assembling each year’s cast. I’d attended the annual Eligibles Party, which will be held Nov. 18 at the Paddock at Devon. But until now, I hadn’t been the one doing the actual arm-twisting—and “arm-twisting” is no exaggeration.

Sure, there’s always a few ready-and-willing souls out there. More typically, though, candidates are nominated by friends or family. In the past, senior editor Tara Behan had the dubious honor of coaxing them into participating. This year, I volunteered—not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

Strangely enough, I encountered little outright resistance. But there was skepticism—and no wonder. After hearing the many challenges these 18 successful men and women have come up against in their quest to meet that special someone, it’s amazing they’re still able to approach dating with such a healthy optimism.

As someone with little experience in that area, I admire their resilience. The war stories made me giggle more than cringe—but even so, I found myself feeling more grateful than usual for my own relationship. Could I ever make myself so vulnerable again?

Among the things I took away from my stint as “singles scout” was the somewhat obvious realization that relationships take time to develop and plenty of work to sustain. They also require an open mind, good communication and, of course, a sense of humor. After all, not every date is of the “Romeo and Juliet” variety. A bad meal, a delayed arrival or an unexpected run-in with an ex could easily taint the perfect evening—unless of course, you embrace the reality that nothing is perfect. Including love. Or the pursuit of it.

So why not modify your quest for the perfect mate, and do as these singles do? Start by finding a friend, and see where it takes you. Better yet, make sure you know yourself, so, if things don’t go as planned, you won’t play the self-blame game.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: In many ways, the story of former University of Delaware and NFL quarterback Jeff Komlo reads like a modern-day Greek tragedy. It’s oddly fitting, then, that the onetime Main Line fixture’s tumultuous life would end abruptly on a road in Athens, Greece. In “The Leader,” award-winning journalist Richard L. Gaw crafts the most thorough and engrossing character study of Komlo to date, delving into the many nuances of his fall from grace.

Happy reading.

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