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Co-Owner of Gladwyne Animal Hospital Loves her Cavapoo


Dr. Carrie Sutor

Co-owner, Gladwyne Animal Hospital

pets: Ozzie, a five-year-old male Cavapoo; Peggy, a 17-year-old female calico (pictured); Teddy, a 15-year-old female calico; Hopper and Feisty, two aquatic frogs; and 10 fish. 

First childhood pet: An Irish setter named Red. 

dream pet: Ozzie. “He’s the absolute best.”

Most exotic patients: A western lowland gorilla with a tooth-root abscess, a snow leopard needing vaccinations, a sea lion with an
intestinal obstruction, and an African elephant whose tusk needed a root canal. “I did an externship during school at the Pittsburgh Zoo.”

Most memorable case: “I treated a Boston terrier who ate $2.56 in change, some of which were zinc-rich pennies. They caused a severe case of anemia, which required a transfusion.”

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