Bowled Over

17 fabulous Main Line singles. (They won’t stay single for long.)

Alex Jacobs from ABC’s “The Mole” and NBC 10’s Lori Wilson (Photos by Luigi Ciuffetelli)

Alex Jacobs

32, Haverford
Musician and former contestant on ABC’s The Mole

“You don’t want to know how many times I was asked, ‘Who is the Mole?’” • “I’m a guitarist in a band. Music of all kinds is what I’m most passionate about. I definitely own too many guitars.” • “You’d find lots of Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Bob Marley on my iPod.” • “I don’t think you have to do something off-the-wall to have a great date. It’s just about making time to spend together and sharing a common interest.” • “I lived in Costa Rica for five years. Learning how to speak Spanish from my mother certainly was beneficial. I helped my brother build two houses for our family in Cabuya, Costa Rica.”

Lori Wilson

34, Wynnewood
Anchor, reporter and host of the 10! Show, NBC 10

“The one thing I’m most passionate about is volunteering. I especially love mentoring girls. It gives me satisfaction like nothing else.” • “My idea of a great first date includes wonderful food, stimulating conversation and playtime—either Dave & Buster’s, taking in a good comedy or checking out a standup comedian.” • “I’m looking for a man who is spiritual, intelligent, attractive, ambitious, attentive and laid-back, with a great sense of humor.” • “A potential boyfriend should know that after church on Sundays, it’s all about football.” 

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Lauren Mallik

25, Wayne
Development officer for Home of the Sparrow

“I have no long-term plans for my future. I love that I have my life wide open for anything that may come my way. I’m just living in the moment.” • “On a great first date, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you do, but who you’re with.” • “My daily routine starts with two rituals: coffee (at least four cups) and, while driving to work, I blast the radio and sing (sometimes it’s more like screaming), even if I don’t know the lyrics.” • “If I could date anyone in Hollywood, it would be Adrian Grenier.” • “A vacation isn’t a vacation without a beach.” • “Watching television on the couch with a glass of wine is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.”

Michael Patrick Murphy

29, West Chester
Owner of Michael Murphy Carpentry

“My family and friends are what I love most about my life. I’m also lucky enough to really enjoy the work that I do.” • “I’m looking for a girl with a beautiful smile and a sense of humor, who doesn’t play games—someone who treats me the way I treat her.” • “On my most memorable date, we went out for a sushi dinner, accompanied by cocktails and laughs. I still haven’t heard back from my most memorable date.” • “A deal breaker for me on a date: if she goes outside and smokes a cigarette.” • “Playing baseball in the summer is one of my favorite pastimes.” • “Snowmobiling in Canada is my ideal vacation destination.”

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Lauren Mallik, Michael Patrick Murphy, Staci Strzelecki and Jeffrey Alan Scharf

Staci Strzelecki

29, King of Prussia
Senior sales training coordinator at Synthes (a medical device company)

“I love having a supportive family and group of friends.” • “I’m in search of a guy who is able to laugh at himself—someone who’s caring, affectionate, honest and has the ability to communicate.” • “I’m a loyal person who’s upbeat and loves to have fun.” • “I love any sporting activity—especially swimming and field hockey. I also enjoy going to games or watching them on TV.” • “I completed my first half marathon in May with Team in Training.” • “One of my proudest moments was when I moved to Spain to teach English. It was a big deal to move across the world.”

Jeffrey Alan Scharf

24, Exton
COO of GlasSpan, senior vice president of TurnKey Opportunities, and acting director of Contemporary Health Career Institute 

“I’m currently involved in the management of three diverse companies, so I’ve had numerous opportunities to travel around the world.” • “Good food promotes good conversation. A great way to get to know someone is over dinner.” • “My ideal mate would be attractive and sensitive, with a great sense of humor.” • “I’m not a bad golfer, but it’s something you can always get better at—and I wish I could.” • “I collect watches, and I probably have more than I need—because I never know the time.” 

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Jennifer Bailer

43, Wayne
Administrative assistant at Land Rover Jaguar Main Line

“After many, many years in the restaurant business, I love having my weekends off now.” • “My 4-year-old daughter is what I’m most passionate about in life. The fact that I can get her up, dressed, fed and out of the house by 7:15 a.m. amazes me on a daily basis.” • “My idea of a great first date is leaving wanting a second date.” • “My most memorable date surprised me with rose petals all over my apartment—even in the tub. I had yummy champagne while he painted my toes. And, yes, that’s a true story.” • “I’m the producer of the Main Line Jazz and Food Festival held every summer in Wayne. It combines two of my favorite things: food and wine.” 

Matt Cox

35, King of Prussia
Executive client advocate at CTI Corp.

“I’m lucky to have a wonderful family and a tremendous quality of life. I truly appreciate the incredible people I’ve surrounded myself with, and that I have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.” • “I’m on the board of directors of Adopt a Pig, a local organization that provides pediatric cancer patients and their families with coping mechanisms while going through treatment.” • “I believe that greatness comes from those who risk being wrong. That’s how I approach life, and I’m looking for someone else who does the same.”

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Jennifer Bailer, Matt Cox, Sherry West and David Morrison

Sherry West

43, Malvern
Fashion designer and adjunct faculty member at Drexel University

“The best part about my life is that it’s never boring.” • “My passions are God, family and friends, in that order.” • “My idea of a great first date is one where my date and I connect and laugh uncontrollably about something to the point that our sides are aching. Dinner at Water Works in Philadelphia would be an added plus.” • “An ideal guy for me would be a ‘needle in a haystack’—someone who’s energetic, bright and good looking. • “I’m a quick wit and sometimes wacky, so I could never date someone who was boring, inflexible or moody.” • “I love photography, going to the movies, and unwinding by watching back-to-back episodes of Law & Order.” 

David Morrison

40, Radnor
President and founder of Twentysomething, Inc. (a management consulting firm specializing in the global young-adult market)

“The thing I’m most passionate about in life is new experiences. Life’s just one big, exhilarating learning curve.” • “A great first date is not about the context, but the content.” • “My ideal mate would be highly intelligent (Mensa membership not required, but it would be hot), independent, adventurous, gorgeous, compassionate, fit, well educated, wise, financially secure, genuine, and worldly but down-to-earth.” • “I’m a true gentleman, with a dollop of mischief and a hint of whimsy.” 

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Larry Leavens

47, Downingtown
Owner of Sneaker Den, Inc. (an athletic footwear store)

“The best part about my life is that I have such a close relationship with my kids, family and many friends. I’m passionate about enjoying life, having fun and being a good father. I also love being able to run my own business.” • “Characteristics I’m looking for in a woman include a good sense of humor, intelligence, a nice smile and a positive attitude.” • “I’m an optimistic person. I love to laugh and make other people laugh.” • “I obviously own too many pairs of sneakers.”  “Braveheart is one of my favorite movies.” • “I like most outdoor activities—the beach, hiking, skiing and waverunning.” • “The best way to relax at the end of the day is in a hot tub with a beer.” • “As a single dad, my proudest accomplishment is seeing both my daughters doing well in college and my 16-year-old son getting good grades and on the wrestling team.” • “My favorite vacation destinations are the Outer Banks and anywhere in the Caribbean.”

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Larry Leavens, Lynn Marks and Carole Felton

Lynn Marks

50, Penn Valley
Sales and marketing specialist for Take Care of You (a custom wellness solutions provider)

“I love working with people to help them live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and weight management.” • “I believe life is not a dress rehearsal but the real thing, so I live life to the fullest capacity and enjoy every moment. I cherish my life with my wonderful family and friends.” • “A great first date would be having drinks at a fabulous restaurant overlooking the city with someone who captivates me—and punctuality is a must.” • “They say love often strikes when you least expect it, so I’m ready.” 

Carole Felton

50+, Bala Cynwyd
Owner of Carole Felton Communications (a communications and consulting firm specializing in residential development and real estate)

“As a marketer and a realtor, I’m exposed to a colorful mosaic of events and activities, and I meet an eclectic array of people from all walks of life. My life is stimulating and full of nuance.” •  “I’m passionate about helping others.” • “A great first date? If sailing around the Greek Isles is not an option, let’s chat.” •  “While I have an active lifestyle, the coziness of a blazing fireplace, or simply sipping coffee at a table for two, turns me on.” • “I’m not looking for much in a man—just the looks of Antonio Banderas, the wealth of Bill Gates and the humor of Chris Rock.”

Katie Walker

30, West Chester
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Greater West Chester

“I love that my life is balanced. It’s important to me to be successful, not just in my career but in my personal life, as well.” • “A great first date involves an activity—something out of the ordinary, like a sporting event or some kind of outside festival. These settings help to relax first-date nerves.” • “On a first date, if I notice he’s had four glasses of wine to my one before the entrées even arrive, and he’s beginning to slur his words, that’s a deal breaker.” • “I own too many pairs of jeans. I’m always in search of the perfect pair. I know they’re out there.” 

Kevin McKernan

32, West Chester
Manager of learning and development at Graceway Pharmaceuticals

“My parents are great role models for how to raise a family and how to love someone.” • “I’m finally back home in West Chester after living in Baltimore the past seven years. It feels good to be home.” • “A potential girlfriend should know that I’m an outgoing guy who enjoys a good time. I’m usually up for doing anything and trying anything just for the experience.” • “The accomplishment I’m most proud of is having the opportunity to play professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees.” 

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Katie Walker, Kevin McKernan, Jeff Sluss and Julie Rosenberger

Jeff Sluss

35, Ardmore
Owner of Roundstone Estate Buyers (a national jewelry company)

“One of the things I love most about my life is my relaxed summer schedule, which allows me to spend time doing what I’m most passionate about—boating.” • “Characteristics I’m looking for in a woman are sense of humor, compassion, integrity and honesty.” • “I love to cook and I wish I could do my laundry better.” • “A wedding band is a deal breaker for me on a date.” • “I definitely own too many tools.” • “Most people don’t know that I was once a bowling alley mechanic.” • “Serving in the Navy is absolutely the accomplishment I’m most proud of.”

Julie Rosenberger

30, King of Prussia
Commercial carpet sales representative for Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

“A great first date is all about location. It’s best to go to a place where you can have a great conversation and be relaxed.” • “I’m looking for a guy who is caring, affectionate and thoughtful. Trust and honesty are very important—and a sense of humor.” • “A potential boyfriend should know that I’m a lot of fun, l love to laugh, and I keep a very busy schedule.” • “I need to date someone who has passion for life. Arrogance is not attractive.” • “When I moved to Rhode Island after college to start my career, I didn’t know one person. I ended up loving my three years there.”

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