Best Barre: Barre3, Barre Balanced Fitness & Dance Studio, Barre Focus Fitness, Pure Barre Ardmore

Pure Barre Ardmore//Photo by Tessa Marie Images.

Main Line women are going nuts for barre, which combines yoga and Pilates with ballet. Multiple sets of isometric holds—and seemingly endless pliés and arabesques—create a dancer-like physique with long, lean muscles and tiny, toned cores. Then there’s the barre butt, the lifted, rounded tush that comes from engaging all of the gluteal muscles. 

We’ve named Barre3 in Berwyn the Best Studio on the Main Line because its teachers are inspiring, and the classes are tough and conveniently scheduled throughout the day. The facility itself is beautifully designed, with lockers and a garage for easy parking. 

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Barre Balanced Fitness & Dance Studio in Glen Mills is a close second. Its “Barre Balanced Burn” class is the area’s Best Barre Core Workout. Owner Kathy Sasso taught ballet for 30 years. “We’re holding that core from the minute you lift the first knee at warm-up,” she says. “It’s using your own body weight and working muscles to the point of fatigue.” That exertion makes those muscles tremble, even without heavy weights. 

The Best Quake-and-Shake Barre Classes are at Pure Barre Ardmore. “Our motto is ‘Lift. Tone. Burn,’” says co-owner Kirsten Prieto. “We do movements that engage the smaller muscles people tend not to use in running or cycling.” 

Not everyone is looking for sweat-inducing, teeth-clenching workouts. Barre can also be calmer, elegant, and more focused on stretching and lengthening. For that, head to Barre Focus Fitness in Haverford, the Best Place to Workout with Girlfriends


Barre Balanced Fitness & Dance Studio
1102 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills
(484) 841-6312

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Barre Focus Fitness
367 W. Lancaster Ave., Haverford
(610) 649-3241

579 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn
(610) 640-1259

Pure Barre Ardmore 
​Wynnewood Shopping Center
50 E. Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood
(484) 231-1078

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