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AME senior designer Liz Corl says it’s all about looking soft and natural this fall. “The color varies between a preference for blond or brunette,” she says, noting that richer pigments are always requested in autumn. 

After a summer of sun and surf, many women simply want to get their hair healthy again. Meaghan Ciani, another senior designer at AME, recommends a deep-conditioning treatment. And if a major overhaul makes you anxious, consider something smaller. “By changing your part, you can add volume and lift,” she says.

Lobs—a longer version of the classic bob—are still in. “Clients are reshaping their current style,” Corl says. “Or they might cut their hair a little shorter.” 

Ciani says the hot color trend for fall is bronde. A blonde can transition to shades of brown and a brunette will transition to shades of blonde. “Blake Lively’s current color is a perfect example of bronde,” says Ciani. Hair painting, baby lights and balayage are the trending color techniques. 

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An adorable cut with a strong side part by AME Salon and Spa.

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