A Little Market Research Can Go a Long Way

Veros Advisors uses a boutique approach to management consulting

The product was a strong one, and all the test results were positive. Here was some relief for folks with macular degeneration.

All that was needed was a way to deliver the medicine into patients’ eyes. There were products that could be injected, but the goal was topical application. Something new was needed. 

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That’s where Frank Pulcini and Veros Advisors came in. The Rosemont-based firm connected with the engineering firm charged with creating the device to offer the consulting services that led to the project’s completion. To learn what would and wouldn’t work, Veros staff interviewed people suffering from macular degeneration in the United States, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. The information was relayed to the engineering firm, which used it to prefect its design. 

“It was a multidisciplinary approach to the process,” Pulcini says. “After we understood what people went through, we could develop ideas that could be turned into prototypes. That’s where the engineers came in. We then helped test the final project.”

Pulcini wants Veros to take advantage of a trend in management consulting in which design principles are employed to help clients maximize their businesses. Simply put, the company focuses on strategy and innovation to solve problems. 

Pulcini’s first dabbled in entrepreneurship at age 14, when he started a landscaping business in his native Chester. After graduating from Villanova University, he went to work in the pharmaceutical business—first as a salesman, and later as a researcher and consultant. 

In founding Veros, he has pivoted from traditional large-scale work to more for what he calls a boutique approach. And he and his full-time staff of four project managers recognize the need to promote their unique style in a competitive marketplace. For someone like Pulcini, who thrives on a challenge, it’s a
rewarding pursuit. 

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“There’s always a certain level of gut-wrenching in this kind of business,” he says. “But it gets you up in the morning and gets you charged.”

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