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Caribbean Getaway Guide


Winter weather might draw to mind windswept mountains stacked with snow, clear skies and days on the slopes. But for those less inclined to enjoy the sports so readily available this time of year, or simply in need of an escape, there’s no better place to recharge than the Caribbean. In the shortened daylight of winter, getting away can seem like less of a luxury than a check on mental health. With most destinations little more than four hours away by plane, there’s an island destination for everything.

The Caribbean stretches over one million square miles, extending from the southeast of North America and Mexico to the northern points of South America. It is home to roughly 40 million people, scattered across some 7,000 islands, which range in topography, from breathtakingly mountainous, to perfectly flat and fringed with pristine beaches.

Watersports enthusiasts, sunbathers, adventure seekers, or some combination can be found on many of the islands. With a wide array of selections, determining where in the Caribbean makes the ideal escape can be difficult. Here, we take a look at what some of the most popular islands have to offer. 

Flight duration is based on non-stop flights, unless otherwise noted. Costs are estimates from TripAdvisor and based on a hotel, flight, meals and snorkel trips, for a one-week vacation. 



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