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It doesn’t matter whether you have a new Oriental rug or Grandma’s antique—dirt in your rug can shorten its life. Fine rugs can certainly add beauty and elegance to almost any room, but you need to know how to protect your investment. Zakian Rugs has three tips to help prolong the life of your rugs.

VACUUM REGULARLY: All rugs get walked on regularly, which transfers dirt from our shoes to the rug. That’s why it’s important to vacuum your rug often, preventing the dirt and dust that naturally accumulate on the surface from working their way down into the fibers, which causes abrasive wear that can shorten a rug’s life expectancy. Once down in the fibers, dirt is very difficult to get out with normal vacuuming.

ROTATE OFTEN: It’s important to rotate your rug so all areas of the rug get walked on evenly and are exposed to equal amounts of sunlight.

GET IT CLEANED: Perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your investment and keep your beautiful rug looking gorgeous is to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Zakian Rugs has been cleaning fine rugs for nearly 100 years. Third-generation owner Bob Zakian says he has a database of about 30,000 customers and cleans 15,000-20,000 rugs a year. “It’s easy to make happy customers when you return their rugs to them looking like new again,” says Zakian, who has a drawer full of letters from satisfied customers, thanking him for making the process easy and affordable.

Founded in 1923 in Philadelphia, Zakian Rugs is the area’s largest and most trusted fine-rug cleaner. When you call Zakian, they will come to your home, pick up your rug, and take it back to their facility on Parkside Avenue. After they wash and rinse both sides of your fine rug, it will be dried, groomed and brought back to you, looking clean and smelling fresh, all in about a week’s time. Check out their website for special deals and coupons that can save you money.

Zakian Rugs
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Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday.