dtXfy Harnesses Technology to Create the Modern Wellness Studio

Photos courtesy dtXfy, credit Arielle Champion

Denise Lehmann’s dtXfy uses technology to create an entirely unique wellness experience designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Denise Lehmann’s dtXfy is the sauna studio for the modern age. Gone are the days of sitting on damp wood in a humid room next to a group of strangers. Today we welcome the world of detoxification, the concept behind the name of Lehmann’s wellness studio.

Though the pronunciation may seem intimidating upon first glance, dtXfy, which opened in Manayunk in December 2022, is spoken just like “detoxify,” vowels and all. At the two Main Line area locations, one in Manayunk and the latest which opened on October 25 in Wayne, the business offers red light therapy, infrared saunas and massage therapy. These are dtXfy’s three degrees of renewal, which use the latest technology and innovations to repair, renew and revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

While the technologies behind these methods sound futuristic, dtXfy is taking self-care back to basics. The infrared sauna penetrates the layers of the skin with the same wavelength as sunlight, thereby raising core temperature and releasing toxins. It’s like being outside on a warm summer day.

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Red light therapy is similar to the infrared sauna but without the heat. These specialized rooms allow guests to bask in the power of near-infrared light which penetrates through layers of skin, muscle and tissue to encourage healing and cellular regeneration.

Finally, dtXfy’s massage pods will dip you into a world of tranquility. This contactless, holistic treatment combines stretching, heating, compression and reflexology.

Lehmann’s background is in interior design and home building, so she’s well aware of the effect atmosphere and environment can have on her guests. It’s why comfy chairs and cushy pillows fill the lobby and why the hallways are lined with rugs. It almost gives off the vibe of a boutique hotel on the beach.

Some guests won’t want to be reminded that their visit is technology-driven, which is why it’s so important to put customers at ease. The experience doesn’t start when the massage begins, but commences as soon as they walk through the front door.

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“I believe fully in our space. The spaces that we occupy in our environment have a very direct and real effect on how we feel,” Lehmann says.

dtXfy Interior
dtXfy’s calming interior puts guests at ease. (Photo credit Arielle Champion)

For the last quarter century while working as an interior designer, Lehmann has been a wellness enthusiast. So when she started to lose her sense of wellbeing and energy as she entered her middle age, she began to think about changes.

“What am I going to do to get ahead of this?” Lehmann recalls wondering.

Her personal research led her down the path towards those infrared technologies and massage pods, which she began incorporating into her home and routine. Within a short period of time, she began noticing significant and measurable improvements in both her physical and mental health.

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From acute hip pain to inflammation and even some arthritic pain in her shoulders and hands, Lehmann noticed a reduction or elimination of her ailments after regular use. Even her focus and mood improved after spending time under infrared light.

“The relief and rejuvenation I experienced were so profound that I couldn’t keep it to myself,” says Lehmann. “There isn’t a person that cannot benefit from the services that we provide.”

She’s careful to not call it a spa as to not scare away men who might be interested but turned off by the term. Athletes, she finds, often see some of the greatest benefits from her stores.

Now armed with an expansive knowledge of the field and a deep interest in the technology and benefits, Lehmann’s dtXfy has the potential to develop into a nationwide phenomenon.

“We aim for you to leave feeling deeply nurtured from within and warmly connected to a supportive community. We create an environment where self-love and holistic well-being merge, empowering you to radiate that revitalized energy into the world around you,” Lehmann says.

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