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Commonwealth Proper's Spring Preview Party


Kurt Souder, Craig Schroeder and Doug Reinke.


Craig Schroeder and Tristan Sylk.


Melissa Magee of 6ABC, Justin Pizzi, Doug Reinke and Jennifer Burks.


Joanne Posse Lile and Annie Scott.


Alan Smith, Hailey Hovsepian and Sean Froelich.


Seth Brown and Allen Hakimi.


Kurt Schroeder, Greg Basile and Steven Baron.


Drew Coblitz, Libby Shaw and Lex Wainwright.


John Oakes and Lauren Bushby.


Kevin Wilkins, Nate Day and Brian Taff of 6ABC.


Kevin Wilkins and Mary Maimone.


Brian Taff, Meliissa Magee and Steven Baron.


Doug Reinke, Annie Scott, Nate Day and Brian Taff.


Kurt Souder and Vicki and Tyler Wallen.


Drew Coblitz, Beny Sirkin and Franco Sirkin.


John Cochie and Alan Smith.


Ndricim Kazari, Thellena and Stefan Ndini and Craig Schroeder.


Sabir Peele and Rob Weatherbee.


Chuck Palmer and Lori Taylor.


Vincent Marshall and Sophie Nadkarni.

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