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The Face of Main Line Residential Real Estate


Hiring a realtor who is a member of the Montrose Group gives you the competitive edge: a market expert with the benefits of a large group. These are highly qualified, experienced realtors who believe in offering buyers and sellers superior service. Their goal is to get you to yours.

Meet the Montrose Group: (Sitting, from left) Jennifer Rinella, Karen Miltko, Eva McKendrick, Jean Gadra, Kathe O’Donovan, Jane Hall, Juli Lange. (Standing, from left) Eileen Myers, Ann Cusumano, Hala Imms, Betsy Drennan, Alicia Farley, Katie Kincade, Suzanne OíConnor, Stephanie Cantner, Maryanne Lachman.

1149 W. Lancaster Ave., Suite U6 | Rosemont, PA 19010 610.527.6400  |  www.montrosegroup.com