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Ask The Home Expert: Roots Landscape, Inc.


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Insider Tips From the Designers at Roots Landscape

What are some of the trends you are seeing in the Landscape & Hardscape Industry?

We are certainly seeing an overall desire for eco-friendly landscapes being pushed to the forefront of our industry. Reducing lawns and adding more meadows has been a big request from our clients especially those looking to reduce constant maintenance and mowing. The installation of eco pavers, native plantings and wildflower meadows are part of our client’s wish lists to make sure they are reducing stormwater runoff, and inviting pollinators and local wildlife like birds, butterflies and other fauna to their backyards. The uptick of this trend has been exponential every year.

Another trend we’ve seen is simplifying the landscape in specific ways. Whether it is a modern design of straight lines and symmetry or simply reducing the amount landscape in specific areas has been an overall query from our clients. Many of our Main Line clients are purchasing older properties that are overgrown and dated needing a fresh take on their new properties. Our skilled team of landscape architects and fine gardeners have the ability to decipher what is worth saving, what needs to be removed and how to mix in new plantings to achieve the clients desired look.

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How have vegetable and edible gardens transformed many of your client’s homes?

In last three years, this has become a popular client request. The first rule of thumb when creating a vegetable or edible garden is to locate it in the best possible exposure while keeping as close to the kitchen as possible. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is the closer the garden is to the kitchen, the more likely the client will forage and maintain it daily. It also helps to have it close so clients can keep an eye out for wildlife trying to take a bite out of the goodies. We also suggest walling in or fencing the garden for this very reason. Adding intricate fencing or walls also establish a sense of place and make the vegetable garden an extension of the home. We have many clients who use their garden as a space to entertain guests, setting up lounge areas and tables for small, intimate gatherings to large parties. Gardens are always a great idea for any home. If you aren’t sure how much time you can commit to it, start small with containers of herbs or vegetables and slowly add over time!

Roots Landscaping

How has smart technology affected the landscape industry?


We install dozens of low voltage lighting systems every year, and the evolution of smart technology has been a great addition! When we install these systems, we usually allow the client to add a timer and transformer that they can control from their smart home system or from a similar app on their phone. We can even do this for their irrigation, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, as well as pools. Within these systems, clients can turn on the outdoor lighting if they come home late, water their property during dry spells, and have the fire roaring before they step out onto their patio while entertaining!

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Roots has contributed to Main Line Today over the last 6 years and has given advice on landscape design and planting projects, both locally and nationally. Contact them today to schedule a consultation!

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