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Ask the Home Expert: Kurtz Rug and Home



In room design, why do rugs matter?   

Rugs drive the finished experiences of rooms. As foundational pieces upon which everything else is layered, and as one of the largest items in rooms, rugs define the “emotional size” of rooms, their traffic flow and energy.

Multiple small rugs can turn a large space into the intimate conversation and work areas. Intimate spaces can feel larger with rugs that push out to the edges of rooms.

Colors, textures, and designs signal the vision and feel for the rest of the furnishings. Throughout history, handcrafted rugs have been treated as foundational pieces of art. They’ve been central to the final vision for spaces.

When designing a room, should you pick the rug first or last?

Start a project by finding a rug you love. While there are millions of fabric options and paint colors available, there aren’t hundreds of rug options that will be the right size, design, colors – and the right budget. Trying to find the exact rug to match a room’s already defined palette and style is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Better to start with a rug, then choose the room’s fabrics, furnishings, and accessories. You’ll get a more finished, cohesive look for your space.

Do you create custom rugs?

Yes! If you are willing to invest in them, custom rugs make it easy and exciting to create perfect pieces that fit all of your criteria. Working with our designers, you’ll create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that is perfectly tailored to your home and taste. And you’ll have a hand in designing it.

What are tips on choosing rug materials? 

Wool is the most durable option. But, there are different types and qualities of wool. In New Moon, our line of hand-knotted rugs, we use only Tibetan wool, considered the finest in the world.

Different materials can be combined with wool. At Kurtz Collection, we stock rugs woven in natural materials because they are better for your home environment and wellbeing. And, they are often easier to care for. Spot cleaning with Ivory soap and water can remove most stains, if they are caught early. Professional cleanings can often be done without harsh chemicals or solvents.

Rugs with silk accents are very popular with our customers. In our New Moon designs, we use only the finest grade Chinese silk, which is the highest quality in the world. It has a gorgeous luster and is so dynamic. It changes with the light throughout the day and the angle from which you approach it. Rugs with silk accents are very durable and can be spot cleaned just like wool.

What’s your advice on picking a color palette for the room?  

Bold colors make many people nervous. They want the option to change the room down the road – without having to replace or recover everything. If you want that flexibility, choose neutral fabrics for larger upholstered pieces, then layer in different colors and textures with pillows, accessories and other textiles. Down the road, those pillows and accessories can be changed to revamp and update the room. Don’t be afraid to use punchy colors. Pick what you love and will make you happy to look at every day. That’s what it’s all about.

How do accessories add to the design of a room? 

Accessories infuse rooms with character and make them feel personalized. Our design philosophy is that a well-lived life is built in layers. Your home should have all of the dimension and vibrancy that your life does. Layer in items that you have collected over time, from your travels, etc., along with artwork that speaks to you. Then, select pieces that reflect your passions and lifestyle. Those elements add depth to your home, inviting guests to linger and making you feel rejuvenated and inspired. It’s not about adding “things.” It’s about adding flavor and dimension.

What are the benefits of working with interior designers?  

We help clients create their dream homes. Often, they know the feeling they want to achieve and have examples in mind, but don’t know how to execute it. Clients can get overwhelmed with options. And today, they can’t visit a million places to hunt for the right pieces. At Kurtz Collection, we curate options from multiple vendors and guide clients in the decision-making process. We help clients spend their money – and time – wisely. That’s our role. At Kurtz Collection, we bring clients’ vision to life.

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