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Great Medical Program: Devine Concierge Medicine. Primary Care, for Your World


Concierge medicine is an alternative way to receive primary care where patients have a direct relationship with their physician, outside of health insurance, to receive a higher caliber of care that is exceptionally personalized and convenient.

Primary Care, Personalized

Free from the restrictions and arbitrary time constraints imposed by our healthcare system, Devine Concierge Medicine has set a new standard in primary care.  The brothers and co-founders, Drs. Michael & Daniel Devine, have a clear and decisive mission –  to provide their neighbors of the Main Line with the type of care they would want for themselves, as physicians, with their insider knowledge. Reminiscent of physicians from a time long past, every visit is conducted via house-call in the comfort and convenience of their patients’ very own homes. The size of the practice is strictly limited to guarantee their ability to devote themselves entirely, providing their absolute attention, focus, and availability. The result is a genuine, personal relationship where your physician truly knows you, your health, and your priorities.

Why should you settle for a rushed, 15-minute appointment once or twice a year with a doctor who hardly knows your name? The brothers feel, quite frankly, that just isn’t enough. The foundation of great medicine should be built upon a relationship – a bond forged over shared triumphs and challenges. Unfortunately, the establishment of such is curiously absent in much of medicine today. The personal touch, sterilized by population health initiatives, has seemed to all but disappear – leaving the experience to often feel rushed and transactional. 

The Devine brothers, who view their patients as members of their own extended family, refuse to conform.  Patients are provided with their personal cell phone numbers and email addresses, allowing communication to occur freely and without delay. Conversations are relaxed and unrushed – questions and concerns are never left unanswered. The entire paradigm of the doctor-patient relationship has been reimagined, allowing the healthcare system to work for you – not the other way around.  Everything seems to fall into place and maintaining your health begins to feel effortless.  Very simply, this is primary care exactly the way it should be.

Convenient & Accessible

Increasingly difficult to access, traditional primary care is struggling to meet the needs of its patients. Doctors are forced to attempt to manage the health of thousands of people they hardly know. Appointments are rushed and hard to come by.  With a rapidly growing, aging population set to out-pace the number of practicing physicians, for many, the situation is expected to get worse before it gets any better. Out of frustration, many are forced to seek a “quick fix” from urgent care centers.  Unfortunately, they are very limited in their ability to provide successful long-term health management. For those fortunate enough to gain access, however, there is a solution – concierge medicine, which guarantees access to a private physician and exceptional primary care.

Breathing new life into the tired, fading story of primary care, Devine Concierge Medicine has emerged as the Main Line’s premier, luxury primary care practice.  Having trained at iconic institutions, Johns Hopkins & Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, the Devine brothers are dual-board certified in Internal & Geriatric Medicine, bringing a welcomed set of skills and expertise home to this community. Wellness plans are carefully curated and personally tailored to each patient’s specific wants and needs. Whether you are a busy professional with a tight schedule, a care-taker of an aging parent, or health-conscious and interested in preserving your own vitality, there is simply no replacement. 

Every detail in creating this practice was intentional and highly designed with the purpose of providing a simply extraordinary experience.  Imagine the convenience of full-scope primary care in the comfort of your own home.  How reassuring would it be to have access to guaranteed same-day visits and a personal doctor with around-the-clock availability?  Proudly, this is what the Devine brothers say their practice is all about.  All of the “jumping through hoops” associated with typical primary care offices have been eliminated entirely.  Need an appointment or refill on a prescription? The days of struggling to get ahold of your doctor have ended. Not feeling well and need to be seen today? No problem.  Can’t miss a day of work and need a check-up after hours? You got it! Patients enjoy total peace-of-mind knowing they have a highly distinguished physician, who knows them well, never more than a simple phone call or text message away.  This is primary care, for your world – and the investment is priceless. 

Since their launch in the Spring of 2020, the Devine brothers have received a flurry of interest. To maintain the finest standard, however, they are holding true to their promise of strictly limiting the maximum number of patients they will accept.  As of the time this article was written, space remains available, but is quickly disappearing.  If you are interested in enrollment or simply learning more about the practice, please visit the official Devine Concierge Medicine website today.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your future – you deserve the very best.