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Enhance Immune Function With Integrative Medicine

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Gov. Cuomo’s Brother Using Natural Remedies, Homeopathics and Energy Healing to Boost the Immune System 

According to the New York Times, in his battle against coronavirus, Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is making progress after a brutal week.

His wife, Cristina Cuomo, posted in an update on Instagram on April 6, that, “After one week of up and down symptoms he seems slightly better”.

Talking about her husband’s do-it-yourself treatment protocol, which was mainly alternative medicine, she listed the oxygenated herbs, natural remedies, and homeopathy to boost Chris’s immune system.

She sought help from an “energy medicine physician” with training in “Ayurveda, medical radiesthesia, radionics, energy healing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and detoxification methods.”

In the battle against COVID-19, there are more people like Chris seeking help from nutrition, natural remedies, herbal medicine, and energy healing.

The Energetic Profile of Coronavirus 

Coronavirus is a peculiar being. The virus hijacks the cellular tools of its host – animal, plant, or human – to reproduce. Because the virus lives inside its host’s cells, medicines like antibiotics cannot kill the virus. In addition to having a chemical profile, the virus also has an energetic profile.

Clinical reports emerging from China indicate the SARS-2 virus is energetically a combination of cold and damp. It loves a cold and dry climate, and, when it attacks the human body, it brings in cold and dry energy to the body that causes symptoms such as dry cough, fever (body’s reaction to the cold), shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. The individual energetic constitution and the ability of defense determine the energetic outcome between host and virus. The worst scenario is an overproduction of heat and damp energy that drown the lungs with phlegm because of the body’s counter-reaction to the dry and cold energy of the virus.

Viral treatments must work with our innate immune system. Fortunately, our immune system is able to regularly work through viral challenges with intelligence and sophistication that modern medicine will forever be chasing to comprehend.

Persistent Stress Weakens Our Immune System

Stress is the reaction of one’s body, mind, and spirit to a life event that breaks one’s physical, social and mental equilibrium.  It serves as a strong signal to the person that something important is happening, and that one should assess and respond. It is protective and productive.

When stress becomes persistent, people begin to feel that they are losing control of the situation, feeling anxious, overwhelmed and paralyzed.  Some people’s reactions may be out of proportion to the current coronavirus pandemic. They may be feeling scared, depressed, panicky, and having difficulty sleeping. This stress causes harm to our immune system.  As a result, people are more vulnerable to infections.

The major immune system response to stress and anxiety is the activation of a cell’s release of inflammatory cytokines, including the triad of interleukins 1 and 6 and tumor necrosis factor.  Overproduction of inflammatory cytokine can cause severe respiratory distress and failure, known as cytokine storms. The reason younger people without pre-existing health problems, suffered severe symptoms or death from the virus was most likely due to the overreaction of the immune response.

Naturopathic Remedies and Nutrients for a Better Immune System

In addition to advising the people to avoid inflammatory food, such as sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, artificial trans fat, refined carbohydrates, and excessive alcohol, Yang Institute’s integrative medicine physicians, naturopathic physician, nutrition, health, and wellness coach, acupuncturists and herbalists work together to address both the chemical and energetic profile of the virus that damages our immune system.

We advise our patients to take certain nutrients to optimize the chemistry of your immune system, including:

  • Vitamin C and E,  as antioxidants because the virus infection increases the production of free radicals out of oxidative stress, known as a free radical storm.
  • Vitamins A and D, both known to support immune balance.
  • The hormone melatonin, often used as a sleep aid, has been directly correlated with reduced SARS-2 viral severity2 and helps with oxygenation.
  • Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3, as an enhancement to the integrity of the membrane of the cells and cellular organelles. It is also known to ease anxiety.
  • Zinc supplements that are essential to the normal immune functions. Research in Japan has shown that Zinc protects the lungs on a cellular level.

Seven Energy Remedies for Stress Reduction 

Energetically, we recommend home remedies and lifestyle choices that you can follow to reduce the chance of being a friendly host to a Damp pathogen, such as the novel Coronavirus.

  • Manage your emotional stress. Sadness hurts your lungs and over-worrying weakens your defense against the virus and produces excessive phlegm in the lungs.
  • Reduce worry and anxiety, breathe deeply and trust that you, your family, and the world at large will do its best on a daily basis to work through this crisis together.
  • Exercise, at least three times per week, for the circulation of body fluids.
  • Replace intake of Damp sticky foods such as white sugar, bread, and milk, and replace them with fruits, vegetables, and salty soup broths such as miso.
  • Apply a dab of essential oil, such as eucalyptus or tea tree, below your nostrils before going out of the house
  • Cleanse your upper respiratory tract on a daily basis using neti pots for the nasal cavities and gargling with salt water for the throat.
  • Keep the room warm, bright, and humid. Coronavirus hates this.
  • Learn Tai Chi or Qi Gong exercises that mobilize and balance the body’s energy of defense.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Used to Support Lungs and Immune Energy

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine played critical roles in China and other Asian countries in defeating the novel coronavirus epidemics.  In contrast to Western medicine, which attempts to kill the virus at the cost of hurting the host, the body itself.

Acupuncture and herbal remedies focus on supporting and balancing the energy of the immune system so the body can kill or eliminate the virus by itself. They are safe and effective therapies for enhancing immune function.

At Yang Institute, the experienced experts of integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offer consultations for treatment recommendations and disease prevention via telemedicine while the physical office is temporarily closed.

Please contact Yang Institute or call for a free consultation.

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