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3 Reasons Why Student Diversity Matters

It’s not uncommon for families to put a diverse learning community at the top of their list of high school requirements. As cultural awareness increases, more moms and dads want their children to be comfortable being around people who don’t look like they do, talk like they do, or who grew up in the same circumstances.

One hundred percent of Church Farm School graduates attend college, many with prestigious scholarships to the nation’s top schools.

At Church Farm School, a day and boarding high school for boys in Exton, Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves on our diverse student body. Our campus culture, curriculum and community emphasize empathy, understanding and inclusion. Our core values include respect, integrity, responsibility and brotherhood, and these apply to every person on our campus, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status.

Church Farm School’s boarding students live in “cottages” where they learn critical life skills such as time management, great preparation for college.

Here are three reasons why student diversity matters:

1) Cultural awareness

The opportunity to live and study with peers (and educators) who come from different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and parts of the world helps instill cultural awareness. This leads to greater understanding and acceptance of differences.

One of the most popular student clubs on our campus is the Multicultural Club, or M Club. Members sponsor events and displays each month in celebration of different identities. Our weekly chapel service often includes prayers and music from many cultures. Biweekly assemblies and Chapel services often feature student and adult speakers sharing their heritage – their cuisine, languages, and history.

Students who are culturally aware are better prepared for college and the real world where they’ll pursue careers nationally and internationally. They’re able to be more receptive and open-minded in both casual conversation and complex situations that require critical thinking and problem solving.

Cyrus Guo ’18, a former day student from Exton, PA, says, “I believe that education should prepare you for the real world, so the level of diversity [at CFS] made sense to me … When I enter the workforce, I have to know how to interact with people from around the world. You can’t teach diversity. You have to experience it.”

Cyrus Guo ’18 of Exton selected Church Farm School for its small classes, rigorous academics and diversity.

2) Greater understanding

At Church Farm, boarding students reside with 18 other boys in cottages, along with faculty members who treat students like family. As students live and learn alongside one another, they can’t help but become more culturally aware. As they get to know each other deeply as individuals, they’re able to better understand and empathize with perspectives that differ from their own.

CFS students often refer to their dynamic as the Church Farm brotherhood. Temidayo Bambe ’22, a former boarding student from Darby, PA, says, “The opportunities and lessons at CFS allowed me to work alongside my brothers to pursue our dreams and fulfill our goals. From the students and teachers to the inspirational alumni, the uplifting camaraderie makes the Church Farm experience remarkable.”

Athletics are a two-season requirement at Church Farm School, with 24 teams in 11 sports for every skill level.

3) Real life lessons

In order to be successful in the real world, it’s important to not only be exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and ethnicities, but to also practice empathy and understanding. High school is a great time to instill these life lessons.

The Church Farm School environment provides a supportive and safe place for students to learn and practice the soft skills that are in high demand in today’s society — skills such as listening, flexibility, conflict resolution, and patience.

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