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Four Ways Private School Can Be Affordable

You want the best education for your son. You want his high school experience to ensure he’s well-rounded, playing team sports, taking on leadership roles and participating in community service. You know he can build on a solid academic foundation with a successful career and as a leader in his community. After all, you want to raise a citizen of the world.

With these goals in mind, you might be thinking about a private, college preparatory school, likely because you know academic rigor and access to one-on-one college counseling will make a big difference in his preparation for what’s next. You recognize a private school experience will provide a great education alongside learning valuable life skills and mentorship, but you’re worried about being able to afford it. You might be surprised to find out a private school education is within your financial reach. Consider these four ways private school can be affordable:

Reframing tuition.
When researching private schools, you’re probably seeing some intimidating numbers. Boarding school tuition can resemble college tuition, as room and board is included in the overall experience, figuratively and financially. 

But what if you looked at that tuition sticker price as the maximum out-of-pocket amount you would have to pay? Most private schools, including boarding schools, offer financial aid, scholarships and payment plans to help reduce tuition or make it more manageable. That means the price you will actually pay could be quite a bit less than the price posted on the school’s website. 

For example, at Church Farm School in Exton, the maximum boarding and day tuition is not only significantly less than its competitors, but everyone can apply for financial aid. 

Apply for financial aid. Families sometimes shy away from the financial aid application process when it’s often what makes a private college preparatory education affordable and achievable. 

Church Farm School’s mission is to make a college preparatory education financially accessible to a diverse group of young men with academic ability and good character. Thanks to our generous endowment, committed donors, and our sliding scale tuition model, we’re able to provide tuition assistance to many Church Farm families, making our college preparatory education possible.

According to the National Association of Boarding Schools, 37% of boarding school students receive annual aid, while 95% of Church Farm students receive some level of financial assistance. We make our financial aid application process as streamlined and straightforward as possible — it takes about 30 minutes to complete our application. Did you know that any financial aid award you receive doesn’t need to be paid back? Unlike loans, financial aid awards do not need to be repaid.

Research scholarships and community-based organizations.
Private schools will often offer merit-based scholarships or partner with organizations that provide scholarships. 

Community organizations are a great way to introduce your son to opportunities and enrichment. For qualified families, these organizations can provide programming, experiences and funding.  Church Farm School partners with the Howley Foundation, which supports students from Philadelphia and Cleveland, as well as a number of community organizations. For a complete list of the organizations we partner with, please visit our Tuition and Financial Aid page

Don’t assume.
One of the biggest misconceptions regarding financial aid is that many families assume they earn too much to qualify. 

Church Farm School families of all income levels receive assistance as we take into account a variety of economic factors, including financial obligations and how many people live in your household. 

Private education is an investment in your son’s present and future education, career and overall well-being. An affordable private school education like Church Farm School is one that uniquely prepares him for what’s next. From rigorous academics and required team sports to personalized mentorship and valuable life skills, our all-boys school takes away the social pressures of co-ed education and allows young men to focus on individual growth and making the most of opportunities. 

Ready to take the next steps? We encourage you to visit Church Farm School in Exton, Pennsylvania, and when you’re ready, start the application process.

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