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Thinking About Divorce? Here is What You Need to Know

Going through a divorce is difficult, and it may also be quite contentious. Not only are you dissolving what was a legally binding relationship, you are forever changing, if not ending, what was to be a lifelong, personal relationship. It is the personal one that can cause the most stress and anxiety, especially when there are children involved. Lingering feelings and strong emotions can cloud your judgment, making it harder to finalize a divorce and get what you want and need out of the financial settlement. That is why it is important to have a strong team around you, to ensure that you come through with the best possible result.

For nearly 25 years, Media’s LaMonaca Law, led by Gregory LaMonaca, has been helping individuals seek amicable divorce and custody terms that work for them and their families. The LaMonaca Law team is extensive and it is one of the largest firms dedicated exclusively to family law on the Main Line. Each attorney has his or her own specialty, something that smaller firms lack. Together, they design a customized team to suit each client’s needs. Other options clients may find helpful include LaMonaca Law’s specialized standing teams like the Appellate Unit and the Forensic Support Team. LaMonaca Law also has an extensive network of outside resources.

Gregory LaMonaca.

For those seeking divorce, but without children involved, LaMonaca Law is fully equipped to deal with every sort of separation and situation. For those who have already made, or can make, a cooperative and amicable split, the firm handles no fault divorces. Even for those whose divorce may be done, but who need help working through final details and/or distributions, the LaMonaca team is equipped to handle the situation. Likewise, for those who discover important information “after the fact,” LaMonaca Law can assist.

When getting divorced, it is not uncommon to feel fearful or anxious. The LaMonaca Law team sits down with each client to flesh out the many aspects of divorce, and to get to know each client on a personal level. They become a shoulder to lean on through difficult times and they will hone in on what it is each client needs.

Determining if and how much alimony will be paid, dividing and distributing marital assets, and establishing custody orders for minor children are the messiest parts of a divorce, and the ones that take the longest to resolve. It is important to have a fair settlement, that reflects both what each party brought to the marriage, and what each of them added to the marriage. This can be difficult to quantify, especially if one spouse did not work and/or one may have been a stay-at-home parent.

LaMonaca Law has great experience in prioritizing and successfully determining custodial time. Beyond that though, children have rights and LaMoncaca Law makes sure that their mature and “well-reasoned” voices and choices are heard by the courts. The LaMonaca Law team can also help parents who are relocating. Third party custody matters, including grandparents, relatives, step-parents, and others are increasing each year as well, as are child abduction cases, both within the US and internationally, and all of these are handled with experience and compassion by the LaMonaca Law team.

Getting divorced can be difficult and stressful. For those going through a particularly contentious divorce, and especially for those who are having trouble determining their own worth, to the marriage or through the divorce, being brutally honest is the best policy—with yourself, with your spouse and most importantly, with your attorney. That is the hallmark of LaMonaca Law. All of us are inclined to push aside our fears and sometimes our emotions, to protect ourselves and others from the frightening prospect of facing those fears and/or emotions.

Gregory LaMonaca has had such success with his Brutally Honest system that he has now penned and published his third book, the “Brutally Honest Guide to Sur’thriving Generation Now,” which provides advice based on his years of experience employing this method. His second book, the “Brutally Honest Guide to Divorce & Custody Survival Guide” (soon to be updated with more on the financial side of divorce), can be downloaded for free on the LaMonaca Law website. Mr. LaMonaca has found that being brutally honest not only allows clients to survive, but ultimately, it helps them to thrive, and it is this unique and extremely successful approach that he and his team bring to each case and to every client.

The LaMonaca Law team has been serving families on the Main Line and beyond for decades, and they will fight for your rights. They are consistently ranked as top lawyers at the regional and state level, and their team will help you get what you want and what you need in your divorce and/or custody matter.

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