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Why SAT Prep Is More Important Now Than Ever

March, May, June SAT tests…cancelled. Colleges and universities going test-optional. Students and parents alike are frustrated and uncertain. 

You may think it’s best to wait things out and see how it goes…

Sitting tight is tempting – keeping with the (new) status quo is almost always easier.  However, it keeps us from moving forward, from accelerating what we can do in the future.

The next opportunity to take the SAT is August 29th.  Summer programs are enrolling as we speak, including Crimson Review who offers an intensive 8-week program starting June 27th with locations in Wayne and Malvern. 

Here’s why your student should spend (at least part of) their summer getting ready.

Not Much is Changing for the Vast Majority of Colleges & Universities

Colleges that were competitive to get into pre-Covid are going to remain so after.  No matter how everything shakes out, better schools are still going to have far more applicants than open positions.  Crimson Review Director, Craig Miller advises, “even for test-optional schools, having good scores will be a huge leg up.  Some students will better position themselves for these positions during the current time, and some will just wait and see.” 

A Strong SAT Score is a Great Insurance Policy

Having a strong test score in your pocket is excellent insurance for a student.  Imagine you are an admissions officer at a competitive college.  You have two students who attended competitive public schools in different states that were largely shut down the last 3 months of the students’ junior years.  Both have high GPAs and good extracurriculars, but one has an SAT score in line with historical norms for the college and the other didn’t submit a score.  Who would you lean towards?  It’s absolutely not going to hurt them, and may be the difference between getting an acceptance or a rejection letter.

Take Advantage of this Time

In the past, the number one problem that prevented students from increasing their standardized test scores was fitting in time to study.  Between being in school all day, homework, sports, job, family, friends…it’s tough to fit everything in.  With summer sports, camps, jobs and internships cancelled, students finally have the time they need to learn the skills that will help them score great on the test.

Structure & Routine is Good for Teenagers

In general, routine is good for teenagers emotionally.  Working through a test prep program can give them structure, clear goals, and something to feel good about as they see themselves making progress every day.

A Workout for the Brain

Many students are not getting the challenge they once were from their school work.  This can leave them feeling a bit adrift, or lacking meaningful projects to work on.  Having an area to focus on academically can help keep their skills sharp.  While some of test prep is certainly “teaching to the test”, we also teach students skills that they will use the rest of their lives.

Work Though That Test Anxiety

A lot of students feel pressure around these tests.  They feel pressure because they can’t fit in studying, or because they think it will determine their future, or because they see peers scoring well and feel like they have to as well.  This is an opportunity that probably no other cohort of students has had or will have again – the opportunity to study, improve scores, and take the pressure off. 

At Crimson Review, we’ve been helping students prepare for the SAT for more than 34 years, and have helped thousands of students reach their goals.  Due to Covid-19, we’re reducing the number of students in our intensive Summer SAT program; smaller class sizes to ensure social distancing also mean increased personal attention and individual instruction.  Our Summer SAT Bootcamp program checks all the boxes – safe, low-pressure, small group learning environment, score guarantee, College Board practice tests, expert tutors that specialize in the SAT.  Our talented instructors will offer honest advice on what students can hope to achieve on the tests and will help students get there.  Crimson Review Summer SAT Bootcamp begins on 6/27. Limited spots available.  Call us today at 610.688.6441. 



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