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How an Individualized Education Expert Helps Connect Families in Need of Solutions

One-on-one learning has become an increasingly popular option with alternative schools available to meet students’ individual needs.

For students who may have difficulty thriving in traditional public and private schools, one-on-one learning has become an increasingly popular option with alternative schools available to meet students’ individual needs.  

As the Director of Outreach at Fusion Academy, a collection of unique, customized private schools, Corina Jenkins is the bridge to the community as she represents the Philadelphia region: Ardmore, Malvern, and Cherry Hill. She has become the go-to person for helping families in need of helping students succeed.

Jenkins works with parents, psychologists, and supports other schools as a “problem-solver.” She shares resources and recommendations for students struggling in school who are trying to figure out the next steps.

Jenkins offers a customized approach considering everything happening in a child’s life and how to get them the best accommodations. The answer could be working with the student’s current school, recommending a great therapist, or suggesting a wide range of other educational options.

“My purpose is building relationships with families, professionals, and the community,” Jenkins says. “When care is given, trust is established, and we can better serve children together. Our goal is to make sure they have a successful path by incorporating their passions and natural gifts.”

Michele Robins, Ph.D., neuropsychologist at The Bryn Mawr Center for Psychological and Educational Services, says Jenkins has been an extraordinary resource for her as she connects colleagues and parents with resources with exceptional grace and enthusiasm.

“When I refer students to her for their educational needs, she is highly responsive,” she says. “She takes the recommendations in my reports seriously and strives to find just the right combination of helpful services.”

Whether the answer is a one-on-one education like the program offered at Fusion Academy, or an entirely different approach, a community liaison like Jenkins can be an invaluable resource for families looking for the key to educational and emotional success.

Fusion Academy began in 1989 and today, Fusion has campuses all across the United States. Each campus aligns itself with the mission of customizing the educational journey as a  way to unlock the amazing potential in every child.

Classrooms offer a one-to-one student-teacher ratio, where compassion, creativity, and flexibility steer the method of teaching to each student’s strengths and challenges. At Fusion, students are able to realize their full potential, find their passions, gain confidence, and chase their dreams.

Fusion Academy is a revolutionary school that is modeled around the needs of all types of students who have trouble finding their place in more traditional school environments. Whether they struggled with learning differences or disabilities, ADHD, social issues, the rigid scheduling of ordinary schools, or the boredom of a classroom not geared to accelerated learners, Fusion offers a true learning alternative and a community where kids can feel connected, supported, and understood. Accreditation allows students to earn transferable class credits and opens doors to scholarships, loans, and military opportunities – while ensuring that every student receives the highest quality education. Learn more about Fusion and its local campuses online.


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