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Is Early Intervention Orthodontic Treatment Worth It? Ask the Pros

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When we think about braces, we tend to think of the teenage years. In reality, more and more young children between the ages of seven and 12 are enjoying the benefits of early intervention orthodontic treatment. Dr. LynAnn Mastaj, an orthodontist from the University of Pennsylvania, explains why.

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As it turns out, intervening early can result in a world of benefits for your young one. Seeking early intervention orthodontics can not only lead to increased comfort and fewer overall months of treatment, but it often results in lower medical bills overall.

Fortunately, realizing those benefits can be startlingly simple. There is no need for a referral from your general dentist, and most orthodontists offer complimentary early screenings. Here are the six things you need to know before starting early intervention orthodontics.

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1. What is early intervention orthodontics?

Preventative and interceptive orthodontics addresses bad bites, narrow arches and misaligned teeth before they become a problem. You’d be surprised by how subtle fixes now can prevent major issues in just a few years. For example, if your child’s orthodontist can identify an overbite when your child is six years old—before all of your child’s teeth are permanently in place—it’ll be much easier (as well as quicker and less costly) to work towards alignment.

2. When is a good time to see an orthodontist? 

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends having an orthodontic consult by age seven. Your child may still be a good candidate for early intervention orthodontia as their permanent teeth come in, which usually happens between ages six and 12. If your loved one has missed this window, remember that next week is better than next year. The earlier your orthodontist is able to identify possible issues and intervene as necessary, the greater the benefits for your child.

3. Why is early intervention orthodontic treatment so beneficial?

When your child is younger, their bones, teeth and gums are more malleable. This enables faster and more effective treatment.

Phase I orthodontic treatment can also help guide teeth eruption so that the teeth are set in a favorable condition. Because of this, your child may even be able to avoid some of the bigger-deal orthodontic issues, such as tooth extraction. As a result, your child may not require more expensive, invasive treatments later on or will only need them for a much reduced amount of time.

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4. How can I schedule an orthodontic appointment?

It’s simple: Just call our office at (610) 525-2277 to set up an appointment. After your no-cost consult, we’ll help you navigate your insurance benefits. We even have an easy payment plan option to make early intervention treatment as accessible as possible for your family.

5. Who should you see for orthodontic care?

The way your orthodontist treats your child is critical. They need to feel like they’re in good hands! Dr. Mastaj is passionate about helping the youngest of Philadelphia-area residents achieve beautiful smiles. With over 30 years of local education and experience, Dr. Mastaj provides the highest level of care to every patient who walks through her door.

6. Where should I go for my appointment?

When it’s time for your child’s appointment, you can head to Dr. Mastaj’s practice in Bryn Mawr. The entire office is ready to ensure the experience is comfortable for your little one from start to finish. We can’t wait to help them grow into a beautiful, healthy smile!

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For more information, visit Mastaj Orthodontics online.

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