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Why More Brides Are Turning to Lab-Grown Rings Over Mined Alternatives

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For most brides-to-be, an engagement ring represents the tangible fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Everyone yearns to find their life partner, and this dream really comes true the moment that your significant other slips the engagement ring on your finger.

An engagement is many things—a promise, the charting of a new course in your life, and the closure of what came before. Considering the magnitude of what it represents, why settle for anything less than your dream ring?

Brides-to-be—who are increasingly taking part in selecting their engagement and wedding jewelry—no longer have to settle for choosing from a preexisting crop of traditional diamond solitaires. Today, the “dream ring” of your wildest imaginings can be made into reality.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-created (or lab-grown) diamonds offer an ethical, affordable, customizable alternative to mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are the product of technological processes that replicate the natural diamond growing process. These diamonds are chemically and physically similar to diamonds derived from the Earth. They are genuine, ethically sourced stones made possible through cutting-edge technology.

How Is It Possible to “Grow” Diamonds in a Lab?

You may have heard the motivational quote about how “diamonds are made under pressure.” While this is partially true, the diamond-making process is a bit more complicated than pressure alone. By understanding how diamonds form naturally, we’re now able to recreate those processes in controlled environments.

According to geologists, mined diamonds likely formed 1 billion to 3 billion years ago within the Earth, eventually finding their way to the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions. But it turns out you don’t need billions of years (or volcanic eruptions) to form authentic, stunning diamonds.

Because we know the conditions that produce diamonds naturally, we’ve been able to recreate those conditions in our laboratories. Using the processes of High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Clean Origin produces real, customizable diamonds without the ethical concerns common to diamond mining processes.

What Are the Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds?

Our customers prefer our lab-grown diamond engagement rings because:

  • They are completely customizable.

Clean Origin gives the customer full power to design the ring of their dreams. You start with a blank slate, an alluring prospect that is not possible when you’re shopping for mined diamonds. Every feature of your ring is in your hands—from diamond shape, color, clarity, cut, and carat to the setting of the diamond in your ring. You choose from a variety of precious metals from classic white or yellow gold to contemporary rose gold or durable platinum.

You can arrange a virtual appointment between you and a diamond expert who will help you realize your vision for the ideal engagement ring. You can even customize coordinating women’s and men’s wedding bands.

  • They are more affordable.

Lab-grown diamonds are 20-40% less expensive than traditionally mined diamonds. This means that you can afford a larger diamond or better stone without stretching your budget.

  • They are ethically sourced.

When you purchase a lab-created diamond ring, you don’t have to worry whether abuses took place to mine the rock on your finger. You see the process of your ring’s formation firsthand, leaving nothing to doubt. Rest assured that Clean Origin’s diamonds are not “blood diamonds” but are instead real, ethical, and beautiful lab-grown diamonds.

Contact Clean Origin Today

From princess cut engagement rings to Demi Marquise rings and many other styles, Clean Origin offers you high-quality lab-grown rings at a reasonable price.

Your dream ring should be your own creation. Contact Clean Origin today to learn more about our lab-grown rings and schedule a consultation.

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