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Ask the Experts: 5 Innovative Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Joint and Muscle Pain

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Every year, nearly half of the American population consults a physician because of pain. It is difficult and sometimes unbearable to go through the motions of everyday life when discomfort or pain is occurring in the body. With an injury, everyday tasks that were once performed with ease can take more time, effort, and sometimes even assistance to complete.

Pain not only causes discomfort physically but can also take a toll mentally. Whether the pain is new or has been there for a long time, it can impact your muscle memory and even the most basic routine tasks. This is frustrating and can lead to emotional and mental implications like stress and anxiety, while also negatively impacting external factors such as relationships and work life.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat most types of pain. Even better, there are many new and innovative strategies developed for dealing with pain that do not require surgery. For example, PRP, Tenex, Amnio, shock wave therapy, and innovative physical therapy techniques can be used to treat many forms of pain. Here, the physicians at Beatty Harris Sports Medicine break these down:

PRP for Damaged Tissue

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection is among the newest ways to accelerate healing of damaged tissue. With this treatment, we use a patient’s own blood to heal their injury. We draw the blood in our office and use a centrifuge machine to concentrate the blood platelets, where all the growth and healing factors are located. We then inject the “liquid gold” very precisely into damaged tissue, guided by ultrasonography. This procedure can be used to speed recovery of an acute injury or restart the healing process for a chronic injury.

Amnio Injections for Injured Tissue

Amnio is similar to PRP injections, but it uses stem cells derived from amniotic fluid. Stems cells help start angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels. This is vital in the recovery process to recruit healing and growth factors to injured tissue. Amnio injections work with your body’s own cells to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged tissue. They can also be used to decrease inflammation and relieve joint pain.

Tenex for Chronic Tendon Pain

One of the biggest problems with chronic tendon pain is the buildup of scar tissue and, in severe cases, calcium deposits. Tenex is a minimally invasive procedure that was developed to treat chronic tendon pain. Using the Tenex handpiece, an ultrasonic cutting instrument, we cut and remove scar tissue through a very tiny incision. This procedure also increases blood flow to the damaged area and promotes healing. This is a same day procedure performed under local anesthesia and requires very little down time. Patients can use the affected body part the same day and are usually back to the activities they love in 6 weeks. This procedure is often covered by insurance.

Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Tendon Injury

Shockwave is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for chronic tendon injury. Using concentrated energy waves to increase blood flow to the area of injury, shockwave therapy stimulates repair and regeneration. This is an in-office procedure that occasionally requires pretreatment with a local anesthetic. With very little down time, it may be an option for patients who have a fear of needles, want to avoid surgery, and have a desire to return to activity quickly.

Innovative Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is the gold standard and first line treatment for almost all tendon and joint injuries; however, not all physical therapy is created equal. At Beatty Harris Sports Medicine, our physical therapists develop individualized rehab protocols and strengthening routines. During one-on-one sessions they provide manual therapy, personalized exercise instruction, and other modalities to guide you successfully to recovery. One of the innovative PT modalities is instrument-assisted manual tissue therapy, used to break down scar tissue and promote blood flow to an injured area. Our physical therapists also create home exercise programs, tailored to each individual patient’s needs. The home program augments office treatments and is modified into an ongoing maintenance program to help prevent injury recurrence.

As a boutique nonsurgical sports medicine practice, Beatty Harris Sports Medicine provides comprehensive treatment that avoids surgery when possible. With locations in Philadelphia, Newtown Square and Cherry Hill, their physicians and physical therapists help people of all ages get back to their active lifestyles with less pain.

For an initial consultation, second opinion, or to learn more about treatment options for your injury or chronic joint, tendon or muscle pain, visit Beatty Harris Sports Medicine.

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