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Great Medical Practice: Allergy & Asthma Specialists

To you, it’s the frustrating symptoms of allergies: Congestion, itchy eyes, cough, wheezing, hives or eczema. To Allergy & Asthma Specialistssm, it’s an opportunity to improve your life.

At Allergy & Asthma Specialists, it’s the mission of every team member to provide patients with the most scientifically advanced allergy and asthma care in a personal, thorough, considerate and efficient environment in order to obtain the best possible health for every patient.

This quality medical care emphasizes the control of allergic diseases while avoiding side effects from medications. The goal is to improve each and every patient’s quality of life. Allergy & Asthma Specialists patients have access to the most complete range of medical services available to diagnose and treat allergic diseases, asthma, recurrent infections and eczema. The practice treats all age groups, from newborns to adults.

This commitment to patients, plus advanced state-of-the-art care, exemplifies their motto:

Setting the Gold Standard for Allergy and Asthma Care.”

Stop Trying to do This Yourself

If you find yourself time and again standing in the aisle of the drug store trying to sort out which over-the-counter allergy medication to try, you’re doing your health, and your wallet, a disservice. With so many options, it’s difficult to hit upon the right combination to help you feel your best. Even if the over-the-counter medication helps the allergy symptoms, other side effects like drowsiness, nervousness, increased blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation and blurred vision, are possible. It’s futile to keep trying medications when you don’t know what’s causing the allergic reaction.

Determining the allergy triggers that cause your symptoms is the first step in treatment. Triggers are identified in one visit to Allergy & Asthma Specialists by allergy skin testing for grasses, trees, weeds, dust mites, animal dander, mold and foods.

Personalized Testing for Your Allergies

Here’s where it starts to get personal. Every location of Allergy & Asthma Specialists houses an inventory of over 100 allergens available for skin testing. After a thorough review of medical history and a medical examination by the allergist, your personalized testing panel of allergens is prepared and applied without needles. In 20 minutes, a positive reaction in the form of a hive is recorded. The allergist analyzes the results and develops a treatment plan and environmental strategy specifically for you and your lifestyle. Infants, children and adults can be comfortably and reliably tested.

You don’t need to be experiencing any allergy symptoms at the time of your skin testing visit to be evaluated for allergies. Their skin testing methods will accurately determine what allergens cause your allergy symptoms, even if you’re not experiencing the symptoms.

Need More Personal Care for Relief of Symptoms?

If your allergy treatment needs more options, immunotherapy might be recommended.

  • Immunotherapy is one of the most effective means of treating allergies and asthma, often resulting in near complete relief of symptoms.
  • Immunotherapy is a type of preventative treatment for an allergic response to allergens and treats the underlying cause of the allergic reaction; decongestants and antihistamines only treat the symptoms.
  • Immunotherapy involves administering gradually increasing doses of the allergens and helps your immune system build up your own natural immunity, making you less allergic.
  • Based on your skin testing results, their board certified allergist develops your personalized prescription to begin immunotherapy. Allergy & Asthma Specialists prescribes three different types of immunotherapy: Allergy injections, allergy drops or allergy tablets. All allergy extracts for injections and drops are produced in the practice’s on-site lab under the supervision of board certified allergists and according to the United States Pharmaceutical rule 797 for sterile compounding guidelines. Personalized extract prescriptions are developed for each patient to ensure the utmost efficacy and safety, making Allergy & Asthma Specialists the area’s most trusted source for allergy extract.

The care the physicians and staff provides to their patients is apparent in over 5,400 5 Star Reviews on Healthgrades that resonate much like this:

“Daniel says: What is not to love. From the moment you walk in that door to the moment you leave you know your loved one or yourself is truly cared for! This is what the medical field was like years ago and since we have lost touch with the “caring” part.  This office does it all and then some!!!!! Extremely professional yet they have caring values and give each patient what they need!!!! We are so blessed to have the doctors and entire staff in our lives!!!!”

When You Start Matters

The longer you wait, the more complicated it can be to treat your allergies. Sinus and ear infections could require antibiotics and steroid treatment. Sleep disorders and chronic fatigue begin due to disrupted sleep patterns caused by your allergy symptoms. Headaches develop that never seem to go away.

Feel better. Sleep better. Look better.
See an allergist.

Twelve board-certified allergists, along with nursing staff and respiratory therapists trained in the care of allergy patients, staff eight convenient locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Schedule an allergy testing online at or by calling 1-800-86COUGH.





Blue Bell
470 Sentry Pkwy. East, Blue Bell; (610) 825-5800.

534 2nd Ave., Suite 105 Route 29, Collegeville; (610) 409-6226.

3710 N. Easton Rd., Doylestown; (215) 230-7476.

801 Old York Rd. Jenkintown; (215) 572-7330.

King of Prussia
The Rothman/Atrium Building, 234 Mall Blvd., King of Prussia; (610) 962-1047.

2031 North Broad St., Lansdale; (215) 362-7050.

Two Penn Center, 15th Street & JFK Blvd., Philadelphia; (215) 563-2933.

5 South Sunnybrook Rd., Pottstown; (610) 970-0999.

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