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Question: What are some of the hot interior design trends for 2008?

Lisa Furey, Lisa Furey Interiors, Wayne ( Eco-friendly, green building and interior finishes will continue to grow in popularity throughout the new year. Some of the many green choices include the use of bamboo for floors, countertops and cabinets; low-VOC paints; recycled glass for tiles and backsplashes; cork flooring; grass cloth wallpaper; and reclaimed, re-sawn solid wood from old mills and buildings for new flooring. People still love the color combination of chocolate brown and ice blue for areas like the dining room, living room and master bedroom. Other combinations receiving attention are gray and purple (for a moody and sophisticated look) and black and white. Incorporating a neutral color or a brighter color through small accessories like throw pillows or blankets is a great way to bring some color to a black-and-white room.  

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