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Work in Progress' Chuck Soldano Recommends Emerald Green for Decorating


It’s the official coming out of emerald green—at least according to the trend-setting Pantone Color Institute, which has named it Color of the Year for 2013, sending a message to designers everywhere. “I love emerald green,” says interior designer Chuck Soldano, owner of Work in Progress in Wynnewood. “I’m sitting here right now in a living room I just finished that has a lot of green tones in it.”

In Soldano’s experience, most clients either lean toward green or blue. “Those who love green usually don’t have any blue in their house, or vice versa,” he says. “It’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed throughout my career.”

For those who want to go green, the easiest way to introduce emerald into the home is through draperies, pillows, vases and other accessories. If you’re looking to make more of an investment, try the dining room. “White woodwork, dark wood furniture and emerald-green walls are magnificent,” Soldano says.

In the kitchen, the shade offers a striking contrast to white cabinetry and subway tiles. “It makes for a very fun and different kitchen,” says Soldano.

He also wouldn’t rule it out for a bedroom. “A little girl’s room would look great with a combination of emerald green, hot pink and orange,” Soldano says.

For a boy, pairing it with black-and-white stripes can make quite a statement. “What’s so great about the color is that it can be applied to a lot of different spaces—and it has the potential of always looking dynamite,” says Soldano. Visit chucksoldano.com

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